A New Message to Light Bringers – April 6, 2023 💜


Greetings, Beautiful Being!

If you’re feeling exhausted, emotionally up and down, or halfway inside another dimension at times, you’re not alone!

I hear many asking not only when NESARA will finally be fully enacted, but as I said on a conference call last week, “I’ve asked the Star Nations to show up for me, but I’ve never seen them!” as friends of mine have.

Yet maybe you and I see them far more than we think . . .

This week’s Message comes from our Star Nations families, connected to the Collective and part of the Ashtar Command.

They share about what’s happening on the Earth that you and I don’t see, yet which is crucial, and part of our Earth missions:

COR: A friend’s mother came in from the Other Side during a channeling session we were having recently, and she said,

“You won’t believe what’s happening on the Earth!

“Militaries being defused—their technology no longer functioning as it once did. Government leaders being take up on the ships and spoken to about the terms of surrender to the Light, and what they must do for their countries and the Earth now.

“Mother Earth being released of so much toxicity. People awakening and traveling more etherically at night.

“Women regaining their goddess selves, standing strong for themselves. It’s astounding!”

Is any of that true, from your viewpoint?

Star Nations Representatives: Every inch of it! So much being revealed now.

And ancient technologies long hidden in the Earth, and the energies of sacred sites, now awakening that have long been dormant. Humanity feels that intuitively as well . . . “

Go here for the full message.

And a HUGE THANK YOU to all who sent in their survey responses! Your input is invaluable to this work.

This is a great time to answer questions like those, and to get clear on our current challenges and dreams, including what we have yet to heal.

So I am sending Light for your journey, friend. If it feels to be an uphill path many days — you are never alone! There is plenty of Love, support, and practical help for you here on Earth, as well as in the higher realms.

Sending many blessings in this season of Rebirth and Renewal,


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