FINALLY… David Back on Live Video This Saturday!


I continue to watch in disbelief as the exact narrative Archangel Michael revealed in 1996-99 is playing out in today’s headlines. 

I came out here to the Colorado mountains in Summer 2021 and entered the “Michael Zone,” where the readings I remote-viewed in the 1990s began predicting our current events. 

The third book I’m about to release this week has extensive, exacting prophecies about the East Palestine disaster, the Chinese Balloon, and the Silicon Valley Bank collapse. 

As bad as everything may look right now, our current situation was fully visible in non-linear time as of the New Testament period. That becomes clear as you read these books.

As adjustments were being made 2000 years ago, the results were being observed in the Now. And somehow we have been blessed with a non-catastrophic timeline. 

Now everything is reaching an apex. We can expect very exciting, fascinating changes. The future is ripe with possibilities. Our society will improve in unimaginable ways. 

Michael has very clearly told us that we only have a maximum of two years to wait before the sun will change the physics of our solar system – spiritualizing all life on Earth. 

I have finally worked my way through Michael’s assignment enough to go back into the public eye. Barring disasters, you will see me this Saturday at 2:00pm MST for a show on YouTube!

Mark your calendars! Here’s the live link where you can catch me on YouTube.
TIME ZONES: 1pm PT / 2pm MT/ 3pm CT/ 4pm ET 

I am SO excited and grateful to be coming back after nearly a year in the “foxhole.” 

One thing you can always count on with me is a great show – and I will deliver. 

Let’s catch up on Saturday. I can’t wait to tell you what I’ve moved through and learned from Michael, and how it affects all of us. See you soon. 

Peace and Blessings,

PS – The first two volumes of The Michael Prophecies are here now, loaded with astonishing information and prophecy, and ready for you to read and enjoy in a matter of minutes. 

The third volume will be out ASAP, some time this week. Then the final two volumes should follow soon afterwards. They are predominantly complete right now. 

Our insiders-only flash deal has been held over until I do the show this Saturday – regardless of how soon I finish Book Two, Volume Two. 

If you want to dive into the first two fascinating books now, get the third one the minute it arrives, and eventually have access to all five volumes, and their audio versions as well –

Visit this page, and enter ASCENSION at check-out on the link below for a significant discount (insiders only)! I can’t wait to get back in the game this Saturday! 



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