A New Video Message to Light Bringers – March 30, 2023 💜


Greetings, Beautiful Light Being!

As always, I pray you are well, and surfing these relentless energies with grace and calm!

That’s what this week’s Message is all about — Ascended Master Saint Germain talks to us about handling the current very intense Ascension symptoms, and our subconscious resistance to change. 

Saint Germain Speaks: Ascension Symptoms & More

He also speaks on the presence of our Star Nation families, and how to respond to the long list of painful events occurring now:

“If you can ease the subconscious a bit, and love and welcome even these heavy emotions that come up some days—even the fatigue, the dizziness, the headaches, the ringing in the ear, the achiness in the joints.

If you can give thanks for it, and say, “I know you come in the name of positive change, friend! I know I am releasing all that is no longer for my higher good and perhaps never was.

‘I know that I am releasing all that is not my true self. I know I AM Ascending!’

If you can, dear friends, to stand and look into the Sun at least once a day.

Look into that Sun, and say, “I AM Ascending, and I give thanks!”

Now, we are aware that there is some nervousness regarding the banks, regarding jobs. Regarding high cost of living for mortgages and rents, etc.

You will not be abandoned on this front . . . “

Lord Saint Germain also offers beautiful energies that connect us all the more to our soul families, higher selves, and those not-yet-visible ships that are everywhere in our skies.

Go here for the full transcript of the video.

I also asked the Collective yesterday, “Are we just inching toward NESARA’s enactment? Or will there be a quantum leap?”

They replied, “You are in the quantum leap.”

More coming on that!

Much Love & Light,


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