31st March 2023. Mike Quinsey.

31st March 2023. Mike Quinsey.
Amongst my files I found the following extract but for some reason unnamed. I thought it worth passing on to you.
“All civilisations go through a number of steps in their growth and evolution. First the civilisation is seeded at its point of origin. Mostly these are planets, but sometimes civilisations begin inside stars it might surprise you to learn. Or indeed in other places that might seem even less likely to you. How about the periphery of a black hole for an interesting origin.
But be that as it may, wherever a new civilisation is seeded, it is normal for it to be nurtured and watched over by an older more developed civilisation. The Gods of your myths and legends are actually just this, space faring civilisations that interacted with Earth humans when your Race was newly formed, and in need of teaching regarding certain basics like agriculture, language, writing and various other subjects like mathematics or astronomy.”
31st March 2023. Mike Quinsey.
There does not appear to be any change in the path you are treading at present. However, changes carry on unabated and it is a painful experience for so many souls, but lessons learned are necessary and will not have to be experienced again. You are emerging out of a period of intense experiences that are mostly karmic in nature and not surprising when you look at man’s history, even as recently as World War One. Can you imagine the number of souls that were involved trying to clear their karma, as if you can do so and uplift the level of your vibrations the rewards are well worth it. Clearly those who have accepted the challenge are ready to face whatever is to be part of their experience, but as always they will be assisted and given encouragement at all times.
Your experiences are intended to help you evolve and able to lift yourself onto a path that leads to your Ascension. If you could just experience the joy and happiness that comes with it, you wouldn’t hesitate to boldly go forward with the full confidence in your ultimate victory. Many times we have given you a picture of what it will be like but to express it fully is beyond words. A peaceful existence is what all souls seek and know is their right. It beckons now and is a too good to miss when it is so near, and you have earned the opportunity so take it and keep your focus upon it.
We are here waiting for the ideal opportunity to announce ourselves and what an occasion that will be. We will be celebrating with you and acclaim your ability and strength to overcome all obstacles placed upon your path. Be assured that no soul is given more to do than they can cope with and as always we are with you. Keep to your path of Light and enable us to come closer to you, and know that we are aware of your difficulties and will do all we can to ensure your success.
You have far greater abilities than you imagine and do not forget that you will never be confronted by challenges you cannot handle. You always know what is expected of you before you incarnate, and you will have agreed to it. Clearly you are not all at the same level and can help each other when the opportunity arises. Yet some souls are more in an advisory role and able to lift others up through their knowledge and experience. It is mainly a matter of experience knowing exactly what is needed to help other souls continue evolving.
Meantime you have your day-to-day experiences never really knowing what might be in store for you. Sometimes the unexpected happens as events of which you had no knowledge take place. Yet they have been planned in advance as part of your evolution and so life goes on. It may be to your liking or not an experience you would choose to have, but you may be sure it was part of your life plan. As you might expect your Guides are fully active where such matters are concerned as they know it better than you do.
Prejudices are soon left behind as you realise that with your many lives you have lived in many countries, and experienced lives as Man or Woman, black or white and rich or poor it will all relate to exactly what you needed to continue evolving. It is all planned by those beings who can see the whole picture and know all about you, whereas you are kept in the dark. Your response and reactions determine your needs, and so it goes on as each life is another milestone in you quest to prepare yourself for Ascension.
All of the souls you meet are also working out their life plan, and it is surely wonderful if not amazing that somehow they all work together. They often play a part in each other’s lives that is of no real consequence yet is the plan. The set-up is too complicated to explain, but be assured that people who play a role in your life are essential for your progress. Marriage or close relationships are a major part of your experiences and if it goes to plan you will both gain from such experiences.
So you and all of the players in your life help each other to complete their life plans. Sometimes things go wrong, but to compensate you can go through the experience again, or leave it pending to be a part of yet another life.
I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.
In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.
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