Messages from Ann & the Angels – 03/25/2023 • A Moment is Enough


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We have been working with you for some time to help you raise your vibration and trust your feelings as indicators of your guidance. As you move forward upon your earth, this will become increasingly important. You are learning to calibrate your energy, so you will clearly and quickly know what matches your vibration and what does not.

You are learning to be like a finely tuned radio, willing only to receive your chosen station. As you know, signals from many diverse sources bombard your radios – news broadcasts, weather, propaganda, opinions, music, entertainment, gardening, and so much more! However, if the radio is clearly tuned to a specific channel, then that is all it will receive and share

Similarly, you will receive and broadcast the vibrations you attune to. If you are attuned to joy, you will receive more joyful ideas, bump into cheerful people, and emanate joy. If you are attuned to sadness, you will attract others who may comfort you but not necessarily help you move toward joy. It may be challenging to connect with or benefit from those in a happier state. As you choose one more soothing thought at a time, you will shift out of this sadness into a more hopeful and helpful space.

If you are attuned to the vibration of dis-ease, physical or emotional, you will find plenty of information about how to heal. Without the clear guidance that comes with a focus on well-being, these options might trigger more stress and exacerbate the dis-ease. If instead, you are focused on anything that feels better, eagerly looking forward to what you can do when you feel well, or even just soothing yourself, you will be able to sort through the options and intuitively feel those that can help you the most.

Likewise, if you are attuned to hate – such as hating a particular political ideology – you will attract people, ideas, and articles to support and amplify the discomfort of your hate. By contrast, if you adopt a “live and let live” philosophy and attune yourself to loving the political ideals you love, you will attract people, ideas, and articles that help you promote these ideals in your world.

We want to clarify something here. The heavens and your angels can only support your loving vibrations. We never send you unpleasant people, ideas, thoughts, or situations. The world and other people do that quite well on their own. Instead, we send you joyful, soothing, or inspiring thoughts, love, and people with whom you can interact positively. We steer you toward helpful souls. If you are tuning in to even a little love, we can support that with all our hearts.

So, dear ones, ask yourself frequently, “How do I feel? How does my soul see this moment? How can I focus on things that feel better?” As you do, you consciously and deliberately use your minds as the tuners the Divine intended them to be. You start to take charge of your thoughts and thus your feelings, your vibrations, and your reality.

When you are in a loving vibration, you can trust yourself. When not, defer making critical decisions and drawing conclusions until you are. Nothing is more crucial than slowly and gradually improving your vibration, for this alone determines the degree of flow, grace, and guidance you can receive.

Don’t beat yourself up when you’re down. Self-criticism won’t elevate you. Instead, you can do something to change your mood and your situation. Reach for a soothing thought. Consider your options. Ask for assistance.

For example, if you feel stuck at the bottom of a stairway, you could say, “I am at the bottom,” do nothing about it and stay there, or you can take the first step. Perhaps you are disabled and can honestly say, “I am stuck here. I cannot walk up the stairs.” However, you can call a friend, ask for help, find the elevator, ask someone else to run your errand upstairs, or ask others for assistance to create a better space on the first floor if this is a living situation.

There will always be valid reasons to feel bad. The world offers them freely. You may have inadvertently created difficult conditions in your life to deal with. Others may have made decisions you wish with all your heart they had not made. You can remain stuck feeling down. We understand. We certainly don’t judge you. Or, you can take steps, one little thought at a time, to feel better. You can remain disconnected from grace, flow, and guidance or ease your way into it, one thought at a time.

Whether you do or not, we love you. We offer steady guidance, hoping you will be open to receiving it, even for a moment. You might feel miserable, but you can still listen to a small positive desire to stop and get a glass of lemonade. When you take that first sip, memories of carefree summers may come flooding back, and in that one moment of a higher vibe, we can get a thought through to you about how to solve your serious challenges.

Take heart, dear ones. You don’t have to exist constantly in a high vibration, although the more you do, the better you feel. Reach for those moments of good feeling, openness, and moments that remind you how deeply and dearly you are loved. It only takes a second of being in a higher vibe to receive the guidance that can turn your situation around.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


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