A Message to Light Bringers – March 23, 2023 💜


Greetings, Beautiful Light Being!

I hope you are well, and that the Light pouring in since the Spring Equinox has not hit you like a tidal wave!

So important to be kind to ourselves now — more rest, a lot of pure water. Doing what’s both comforting for us and supports our well-being.

I’m finding guided meditations to be invaluable at this time. I’ll be sharing more of them as gifts in the coming weeks.

The Collective offer some beautiful wisdom and energy work in this week’s Message, taken from their message on the most recent Ashtar Family Legacy Call.

They remind us that speaking with our Spirit team and demanding direction and support from them is crucial now:

“This is imperative, dear ones, because we don’t want to say that ‘you’re not going to make it without a compass.’

You will make it to the fifth dimension.

But with that inner compass, you’re going to build assurance. And then this isn’t going to feel like such an impossible and exhausting trek most days. 

This is so, even when you’re tired out from releasing the toxicity of so many lives, and shifting your DNA to a higher level—shifting your whole consciousness.

Even when you’re exhausted and fed up, and your emotion is pouring out, and you’re not sure when it’s going to end, that you almost feel ill at times . . .

[You’re busy now,] releasing all the toxicity and density that you’ve picked up in this and many other lives.

But there are going to be moments when it’s almost not feasible for you to feel good about life, unless you do that inward check-in . . . “

I hope you find this week’s Message a helpful support. While the Collective are honest about how hard life can feel right now, they also remind us of how powerful we are, and the tools and Divine Helpers available to us.

With much Love, and Thanks for all you are!

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