24th March 2023. Mike Quinsey.

24th March 2023. Mike Quinsey.
There seems to be no let-up in the problems facing the people
of Earth, and as if Covid was not enough the fear grows.
A peaceful solution to the Ukraine/Russian battle seems far
away as the confrontation escalates and more nations are
drawn into it in one way or another, with little evidence of a
solution being found. Clearly it has to stop before peace can
be restored yet a solution has not yet been found that will
satisfy all concerned. When will the lessons of war be learned
before matters get out of control as neither side is prepared to
lose yet in reality there are no winners.
The destruction and misery caused is beyond reckoning
together with the legacy it will leave behind. The human
cost is immeasurable and its effect will last for a very long
time. It seems that lessons are never learned from previous
experiences. Who will broker a peaceful solution that seems
to be unreachable in the present circumstances. Clearly
matters must eventually bring about a change of attitude so
that peace can be restored. Even so the damage has already
been done that will have a long lasting effect. There are harsh
lessons being learnt but, it is sad that it takes such an
occurrence to bring them about.
However, the future of Mother Earth involves you in so many changes that will result in uncomfortable experiences that are unavoidable and have already commenced. The planet has to be prepared for them and the repercussions will be felt worldwide, but if you act without delay it is clearly possible to lessen the effects. For our part we use our influence to get you to recognise the urgency in calling for prompt action, as the changes are happening at a faster rate than you are aware of at present. Of course you recognise the possible outcome of the rising temperature but may not realise that if you are to hold it back, a co-ordinated world effort is necessary to achieve it. We urge you to take a serious view of what action to take and prepare mankind accordingly.
You may wonder why we do not directly help you in obvious ways, but you must remember that you have freewill and we would not interfere with it. You make the decisions based on your knowledge and experiences in dealing with major changes, and that is your choice that we honour. After all you are on Earth to experience the result of your earlier actions. It is all part of the learning process from which you again experience that helps you evolve. We do not want to see you make the wrong decisions but if they are your choice we cannot “interfere”. However, in your quiet moments we are allowed to come close and put ideas into your head that will help you make the right decisions, as we want you to overcome the impending problems.
We mention again that your future is bright and the current difficulties will gradually diminish as the path forward becomes more apparent. That is not to say that changes will cease to occur but the path you are on will become much clearer and understandable. Changes are taking place all of the time but normally do not cause you any difficulties, but the end times are unavoidably trying but all for good reasons that will prepare you for greater things. A wonderful experience lays ahead for you who have lifted up your vibrations and are ready to take the opportunity to ascend to higher levels.
Do not be concerned about those souls who struggle to progress as they are being given every help. It is not the end of the road for them but an ongoing opportunity to learn from the experience. Every soul is given help and many opportunities to progress as their goal is exactly the same as yours, except that they need more time to reach the level needed to enable progress. Be assured that every soul is dearly loved and helped in whatsoever way their needs are necessary.
Your destiny is to raise your vibrations sufficiently so that you can return to the Godhead from whence you came. The more you progress the easier the path becomes, and as you awaken to the truth of your real self the easier it becomes to follow. In essence you are all Gods as children of the Supreme Creator and it is that level to which you are drawn. Your memories are dimmed by the experiences you have had in the lower vibrations, but as you rise up you will understand the true nature of your real self.
You are a mighty soul that has sent an aspect of yourself to go out and experience in the lower vibrations of the Matter Universe that also allows you freewill. To literally do as you please has its rules, and you must make good any errors you make that affect other souls. It is all part of your learning curve as you gain experience that ensures you continue to advance.
You are the totality of all your experiences as you strive to continue lifting up your vibrations. You have so to say all the time in the world to continue experiencing that which is challenging you, to go further than before as part of your evolution. You are never left alone to face your challenges and help is always on hand if you request it. We have every admiration for your determination to succeed and are with you all of the way. We are your protectors and Guides but we cannot and do not interfere with the decisions you make because they are your freewill choice.
I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.
In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.
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