Happy Equinox!


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Happy Equinox! The energies flowing into our planetary field and our bodies, are potent and magical!

Last night I opened to them and had the most amazing meditation. I was aware of my Divine Self and I being in the same space, but simply on different vibrational planes. I could feel our shared heart chakra and as I focused and asked my Divine Self to draw me into resonance with it, I suddenly became aware of only light, my whole being was brilliant white light and I could feel the infinite power and abundance of my Divine Self.

I KNEW there was no such thing as LACK, only Infinite Supply and everything I need always being given to me from my Divine Self. I realized…

It was glorious! And such a good reminder to be clear in our intentions and open to receive at times like this.

I’ll be returning to this connection, often, now in this way and deepening my awareness of the immense abundance available to us!!

I hope you’re doing something meaningful and opening to create with these amazingly generous streams of higher light today.

If you’d like to:
– Feel more love and inner peace
– Experience higher and clearer thoughts
– Emanate this energy out into the world
– Open to the Divine Perfection for all areas of your Life, in a multidimensional field of light and participate in collective Light Work and more, please join our Live Equinox Event!

Coming together as a group to raise our vibration, expand our consciousness, clear the way forward to move into a better and higher future for ourselves and for humanity, is a wonderful thing!

👉 ALL the Event Details + Multiple Enrollment Options
(including scholarships), here:


And if you can’t join live, you can listen to the audio recording at whatever time works best for you.

Our group light and the inner plane work we do can be a source of stability, clarity and light for ourselves and others during these challenging times.

Together we can make a difference.

Ailia & Friends


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