Your Money & Prosperity: Connect & Manifest!  😀


Greetings, Beautiful Being!

I hope you’ll join me this coming Thursday for some live channeling and enlightening conversation on Manifesting your Abundance!

I’ll be interviewed by my wonderful friend Sandra Belen Thomas, on: 

Wondrous Conversations with Sandra Belen Thomas

Thursday, March 23

2:00 PM Pacific / 5:00 PM Eastern [US & Canada]

Enjoy an insightful approach to connecting with and manifesting money and other prosperity, offered straight from the Spirits of Abundance & Prosperity.

In Sandra’s work as a Soul Blueprint Codes Illuminator & Spiritual Guide, helping people find their soul purpose in life, she has seen so many struggling with their finances, worrying about money, seeing it as a limiting force in their lives . . . 

That’s why she created this “Wondrous Conversations” interview series. 

It focuses on the nature and spirit of Wealth, Prosperity, and Money — to support you with a higher perspective and greater understanding. To open your awareness to the next level, so you can access the source of Abundance within you, and call on it with ease. 

So get your free ticket here! 

We’ll discuss the new book Messages from the Spirit of Abundance: Channeled Guidance from the Spirits of Prosperity and True Wealth. 

I’ll be channeling the wisdom and energies of the Spirit of Money and other beautiful Abundance Beings on how we can lift our experience to a whole other level.

We’ll be open for questions during the Q&A, so write your question into the Chat! 

Join us here!

Give yourself a chance to access the Abundance and Prosperity you’re meant to have!

With so much Love & Light,

P S  Signing up will give you access to my Special Offer webpage (hidden unless you have the special link).

Starting March 23 for one week, there will be a steep discount on 30-minute channeling sessions plus the ebook version of Messages from the Spirits of Abundance.

P P S  I’m also offering the 45-minute session at a discount, now through Friday, March 24. Just go here to book! 


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