Ascension must be claimed, by you.


Hello, Beautiful —

I hope you are doing well!

I am so happy to write to you and share a new channeled message I received tonight from Archangel Michael and to invite you to join us for an Equinox Celebration.

If you’re already feeling strong waves of energy, or feeling the inner sense to declutter, attend to unfinished relationship business, or in other ways to clear the slate, and create space and openness, you’re tuned in and aligning beautifully with what is unfolding.  🥰

Even the angelic realm is anticipating the coming Equinox…!

They speak of this with an unusual sense of enthusiasm in the message I’ve linked a bit further into this email, sharing that they are aware of the potent possibilities of this time from now, through the Equinox and Eclipse Cycle and culminating in the June Solstice.

We’ll be offering special, sliding scale pricing for the Equinox Event, for our Events around the Eclipse Cycle and the June Solstice, so all are welcome.

Our Equinox Event is LIVE on Monday, March 21.

You can join live, or stream the recording later — whatever works best for you!

👉 Get ALL the Event Details + Multiple Enrollment Options
(including scholarships), here:

Once of the things Archangel Michael tells me often, is that I, and human beings in general, are being offered so much more support than we tend to allow.

If you’ve not inviting support on a daily basis, I strongly encourage you to make that part of your daily practice.

And the new, beautiful message I received from Archangel Michael tonight speaks more to this, as well as the opportunities of this time:

👉 Click to read the latest message:


With so much love,


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