Beautiful Revelations from the Spirits of Abundance! 😀


Hello, my Friend!

Please join me on March 23 for a mind-blowing, rooted-in-realness, Live Conversation on the mystical topic “Manifesting your Wondrous Abundance”!

I’ll be interviewed live by my amazing friend Sandra Belen Thomas, on the interview series:

Wondrous Conversations with Sandra Belen Thomas

Thursday, March 23

2:00 PM Pacific / 5:00 PM Eastern [US & Canada]

This insightful approach to connecting with and manifesting money and other prosperity is offered straight from the Spirits of Abundance & Prosperity, similar to the book I channeled from them.

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When we speak of Abundance, it’s easy to think of those who are rolling in money and living in big houses — something out of reach, “unless you win the lottery.”

When I was a kid, and my brothers or I talked about wanting something that was pricey, our Mom would say, “Is your name Rockefeller?!”

We were given our parents’ (deeply unconscious) pattern of stressing about money — of never having Enough.

I carried that into adulthood, till I began to apply the insights revealed by spiritual teachers like Louise Hay and Catherine Ponder, who saw that Money and other blessings are a consciousness, and one that responds to our emotions and vibration.

One clear principle: Money agrees with whatever we proclaim is true. So if we say and feel “There’s never enough,” that will be our experience.

If we say and feel, with real Thanks in our hearts, “I ALWAYS have plenty of money and other amazing Abundance!” — then that’s what happens.

That’s just one prosperity principle, but a huge one!

So please join my friend Sandra and I as we discuss that and other principles.

I’ll be channeling the wisdom and energies of the Spirit of Money and other beautiful Abundance Beings on how we can lift our experience to a whole higher level, helping you access the Source of Abundance already within you.

We’ll be open for questions during the Q&A, so write your question into the Chat, to receive a channeled answer.

We’ll also discuss the just-released Messages from the Spirit of Abundance: Channeled Guidance from the Spirits of Prosperity and True Wealth, which reveals some of the hidden nature of the energy of wealth and prosperity, and shares keys to opening the door to what we desire.

Join us here for the live interview on Thursday, March 23, at 2:00 PM Pacific / 5:00 PM Eastern Time [US & Canada].

Give yourself a chance to access the Abundance and Prosperity you’re meant to have!

With much Love & Light,

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