Ever wonder, “Why does life have to be so hard?”

Greetings, Powerful Light Being!

Have you tried a number of prosperity programs  yet you’re still in the cycle of struggle and hard work?

So many now have that feeling in the pit of their stomach, that the systems in this world just don’t work for them — or most people.

What if the entire financial system is now obsolete?

After years of spiritual and financial frustration, my wonderful friend, musician / songwriter Jennifer Ruth Russell started to ask for a completely new way of exchange.

Her guides — Mother Mary, Archangel Raphael, and Saint Germain — answered  by leading her into a new faith currency that is beyond this world, but which can be used in practical ways.

Her new book Opulence Infusion – A New Faith Currency is a leading-edge instruction manual that will lift you into a blissful and magical experience of all needs met, all the time, every time.

Join the Book Launch Celebration to receive a PDF of her NEW BOOK instantly, along with some exclusive gifts to help you receive and integrate the Abundance activations.

It offers Ascended Master Mother Mary’s definition of a new faith currency: It’s a spiritual technology that can be used in this transitional time, within the existing systems of exchange.

It’s something simple to help relieve the stress and striving of “making a living.”

It’s also assistance to free the Divine Energy in healers and other energy workers, so they can complete their Divine Mission.

Pre-order the book now — and join the Book Launch Celebration at: https://angelsofabundanceascensionacademy.com/book-launch-team/.

“The vast magnificence of who you are wasn’t created to ‘make a living,’ for you are Life Itself . . . Today we are asking you to release the burden, this heaviness of your financial life. Give this burden to us. Put this burden on the platter of your faith and serve it up to us.”

~ Your Pure Gold Team

We invite you to receive your financial freedom now.

I have been so blessed by Jennifer’s work, and I am just wowed by this beautiful, high vibrational book she’s channeled — I hugely recommend!

Much Love & Light,

P S  The Collective also speak on the issue of Money — what draws it to us, and what drives it away — in the latest Abundant Living Podcast.

But I hope you’ll also take advantage of Jennifer’s Abundant pre-order book offer. I feel that her new book, embedded with empowering and healing energies, is life-changing! 

The Abundant Living Podcast – Energy Work That Supports & Inspires – Ep 8

Opulence Infusion – Early Readers’ Reviews . . . 

“When I sat down to read Opulence Infusion – A New Faith Currency, I didn’t know the effect this book would have on me.

The reading immediately lifted my energy, and I experienced a visceral rising of what I call my crown chakra. I literally felt a feeling of expansion in my third eye.

I wasn’t expecting such an immediate physical shift! As I continued to read, I heard myself saying, ‘Wow, this is sooo powerful!’ This to me is undeniable evidence of a true spiritual transmission.

Opulence Infusion is a gift of uplifting and energy shifting! I know that the book is doing its magic on me on a very deep level. Healing old thought patterns in an effortless way.”

~ Taffy Wallace -Soul Energy Therapist

“Wow! I just wanted to say that I started reading your book last night and had SO much healing happening in me as I was reading it.

Then I had the most powerful, healing dream about closure, and am feeling amazing today.

This book is such a gift. I’m excited to keep reading it.

~ Martha Alter Hines, MSW, Healer, Astrologer, Channel, and Author of the Living the One Light series

“I am absolutely loving connecting with Opulence, my abundance team, my unicorn, and dragon and all the beings of Light that you and Mother Mary are bringing forward in your book.

Opulence Infusion -resonates with the core of my being. I read a chapter and do the meditations each night.  Some of my favorite chapters I repeat for several nights to allow them to fully integrate.”

~ Mary Pat Hulteng

“Opulence Infusion is a must-read for anyone looking for permanent change and a way out of the nefarious banking and financial system now in place on planet earth.

This step-by-step manual gently guides you with precise instructions on how to create the change you desire, one day at a time.

Opulence Infusion exposes all the powerful and vast help that we have in the unseen world, ready and willing to assist us when called upon.

I am excited about the future and what it holds, all because of what has been shared in this book.

Thank you, Jennifer, for being open to release this Opulence Infusion to the world!!

~ Terry – Go Beyond


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