The shift that changes everything.


Hello, Beautiful —

Today’s a full moon and it’s a really powerful one. This whole month is full of really powerful alignments and then we move into an eclipse cycle in April and May.

Do you realize that all of these things are happening to support you?

So you can remember, and be who you truly are?

To help you come into your power? So that, you can reclaim your innate capacity to create and manifest and change things?

It’s true. And the resources for this are TRYING to manifest in your Life.

Everything you want is available to you, just waiting for you to open up to it, energetically.

Your Divine Self is constantly broadcasting to you, energy and information that light up the easy path lit up for you, so you can feel it and see it and step into it…

In order to make the most of all this energy and potential flowing into our world, you have to feel WORTHY.

And you have to feel SAFE to receive.

SAFE to become more… To expand. To take up space. To have more. To be more.

So let’s open up to more, shall we?

Hand on your heart, say it with me and to yourself:

 It’s safe to have what you want. It’s safe to want more and it’s safe to receive.

Then check in with yourself — how does this feel?

This can be, for so many of us, a real shift in consciousness.

(A shift in consciousness that changes everything.)

It’s hard to create a life where you feel supported without the belief that it is safe/okay to be supported.

And it’s hard to embrace your innate power, if you don’t feel like it’s also safe to be really powerful.

Do you realize how innately powerful you are? Does that feel good to you?

Do you realize that POWER is simply light, and capacity? And that you have it, in abundance?


So much more power than we typically feel, or consistently USE.

We get to choose.

And when we choose with confidence and faith, we engage our will.

And when we embrace a true desire from deep within us we’re in alignment with divine will…

And this is a choice to manifest the higher potential of our lives.

To be who we can be. To fulfill our embodiment. To live lives of joy and love and pleasure and expansion….!

This is a new beginning. And then? We pay attention. We notice the feelings and thoughts that come up.

When we take the time to notice the limiting beliefs that come up about what we want and revise them…

When we decide not to let self-doubt stop us, but rather to use what comes up to clear the way for ourselves,
everything changes.

And this is the essence of our focus in the upcoming program,


👉 Clearing the way forward, for ourselves.

This program is not just about past experiences that linger in the present.

It’s also about beliefs we formed in the past about ourselves, the world, other people, about women, about men, about gender! About appearance and money and what power is, and how much is okay, and what is too much...

And seeing what serves you and what doesn’t.

CLEARING THE PAST is about expansion. And liberation.

And learning how to release and shift beyond that which is NOW, and perhaps has been for some time, too limiting, too small.

SHIFTING BEYOND that which has not been ENOUGH for what we truly need and want, to thrive.

CLEARING that which gets in our way IS clearing the way.

This is about the cultural norms and ideals we absorbed.

It’s about the ideas we internalized about what is possible for us. And when it’s too late. And what we’ve been told, and so learned, to put up with not having…

This is about POWER and LIGHT working with us, to reveal us. Our inner beauty and our innate abundance.

This is about unleashing the energy and joy of the DREAMS we’ve grown too numb to feel.

It’s about the societal patterns and structures that we’ve participated in that we now see are NOT inclusive, do not welcome and support everyone.

ALL of this is about the past. And a lot of it is passé !

These notions, ideas, thoughts made real, are re-creating the future in the mold of the past.

It’s SO time to break this mold.

And the biggest thing?

The most disempowering thing we’ve internalized in the past that it’s time to clear? The biggest LIE about the past?

SEPARATION. The notion that we’re ON OUR OWN.

And with that, the fears and feelings of lack. Loss. Not enoughness…

These are lies in the biggest way.

And they’ve taken root within us, showing up in our reactions to new desires that will expand us beyond all this…

They manifest as fears of being abandoned, in holding back with worry that people will not like it, or us anymore or won’t approve of how we’re living or what we’re allowing or how bright and shiny we’ve gotten…

And the idea that we’re not supposed to attract attention.

We’re not supposed to have life be easy.

We’re not supposed to care about money if we’re spiritual.

Or, even that we have to EARN all the good things?

And then there are all the cultural messages which taught us that what feels good is bad for us?!?

There are so many more, you know? Doesn’t it just begin to seem silly when you really examine this?

There are just so many outdated, grossly inaccurate ways we’re learned to think about ourselves, our lives, what’s possible now…that so many of us are still living with.

We’ve accepted a lot of things that aren’t ultimately true. And are not what we really want.

And we also tolerate not just the mood they create in our day to day life…

We tolerate being fairly stressed out and worried, way too much of the time.

We tolerate not feeling well physically and not feeling hopeful, happy, loved, supported, and capable, WAAAAYYYYY TOO OFTEN.

And we tolerate not having, or being, who we sense we truly are. And not living the life we sense would give us so much happiness and feel so right to us!

That’s the way we’ve learned to think about it.

These commonly held ideas that you can’t have what you really want, or not all of it, and certainly if you’re over 50.

Or 40. Or 70. Or ( fill in the blank with WHY you can’t have what you want ) + the universal one: It’s too late.

If you want to see what beliefs and stories are holding you back the most?

Take a moment and think about IF YOU COULD HAVE ANYTHING, with zero consequences, what 3 things would you manifest, right now? Then ask yourself, why, you think you cannot have these things without these 3 wishes.

There you go. There are some of the ideas that the PAST has left you with. Souvenirs. That are shaping your life.

There are just so many negative, outdated ideas about what’s possible and what it means, if we live in certain ways, that we’re allowed ourselves to get used to, and allowed them in getting used to them, to erode our sense of what is possible.

So. I invite you, to CLEAR THE PAST and open up the possibilities for yourself.

Are you ready to learn how to clear this energy, change your beliefs and know a simple, reliable process for doing this, going forward?

Because we’d LOVE to share this with you.

Along with some channeled inspiration and encouragement, and opportunities to ask questions and get specific guidance, where you may need it.

Let’s use these energies and this time, to receive and create some serious upgrades in terms of how we think of ourselves, our lives and let’s once and for all, really put the past, in the past.

Let’s be who we truly are.

In Truth, we’re LOVERS. Eternal Creators. Limitless, vast and free.

And we can live here being THAT.


Elevation and expansion, allowing the Divine Perfection to manifest as us, and in every area of our Life.

And we’re holding the reins.

We’re in charge of what we make real and allow ourselves to vibe with.

We have the freedom to change our thinking and to change our focus.

And to shift our consciousness into new states of being and manifest new experiences in our daily lives.

And knowing how to use our freedom of focus to revise our stories, beliefs and our energy, is all the power that we need.

Because Life is with us, on this! We’re consistently supported by the law of attraction.

And All That Is and All That We Are is always broadcasting to us, guidance and inner nudges to help us to know what’s next, where to go, what to say, how to be and serve and allow ourselves to flow and expand in order to have a wonderful time AND receive what we want!


Once we decide we’re going to believe in ourselves and go for what we really want.

Once we decide that we have more power than we’ve been willing to use before. Consistently.

But that now we’re choosing differently.

THAT NOW we’re willing to have more and are going to step up our game.

And we’re not going to let what has been limit what will be.

We’re going to stay the course as it unfolds.

And even when it looks like it’s not happening, we’re going to continue to believe in it.

Because we KNOW the non-physical is real.


I want you to really KNOW that you can create the life you want to live.

You can shift things that have felt stuck for a long time and it can be more fun and an experience of joyful empowerment, than you might have ever imagined.

I want you to really know that you can create anything.

And together we can create anything. And that the PAST is DONE.

And now is NOW.

And what happens next? Is up to each of us! You get to choose!

Are you ready?!

Say it with me: Yes! I am ready to elevate into new levels of being, generating, attracting, and receiving what I want in life! I’m willing and ready to clear the past.

The channeled invitation from Archangel Michael + program details + payment options is here:

Check it out and feel how you feel. Trust yourself. You’ll know if this is for you.

I really believe in the processes and guidance we’re sharing in this.

I believe in you and I believe in our ability to revolutionize our lives by clearing the past and opening up space for more of what we want, easily.

Unlike ever before.


If you’re enrolling now, welcome to Clearing the Past and to your most fun, most free, best possible future!

With so much love,


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