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Hello, Beautiful —

Let’s talk about freedom …

In the present, you can know from within that everything is working perfectly, and that you live in a safe, loving and abundant universe.

You can receive a new desire and feel confident that you can uplevel your life and shift into new ways of being.

But for many of us, the past and its influence on the present, can make these things harder to feel, believe in and live.

By clearing the past, you can create space for new experiences.

Experience more freedom.

Feel more relaxed. Calmer. Notice spacious moments of inner peace and joy.

You’ll have more energy, more clarity, more well-being, more abundance and a greater experience of timing and flow…

All of this is natural when you’re energy is more coherent, spacious and in sync with who you truly are.

Clearing the past makes getting into alignment easier because it increases the resonance you have with your Divine Self.

What might be possible if you felt SOOOOO much love and gentleness towards yourself?

If you made stories and beliefs TRUE that actually support you and your belief, your trust, your KNOWING that your desire is, of course, naturally, manifesting?

What If you were open to new and even magical outcomes?

What if you expected your life, your relationships, your self trust, your finances, your work, your energy and your health to steadily get better and better and better?

And, if you felt calm, happy and filled with sincere respect and appreciation for yourself… more than ever before?

CLEARING THE PAST can open you up to all of this, and more.

In support of our conscious evolution and to make the most of the coming Equinox and the Eclipse Cycles… I’m so happy to write to you and


This practical and spiritually grounded program offers:

Gentle, reliable guidance in releasing the stories, beliefs, expectations
and attachment to the past, including teachings on forgiveness,

And through this, guides you in choosing and attuning to new truths, creating expansion, joy, positive expectations AND opening up your flow to being & receiving more.

Bonus? This program will help prepare you for ascension.

To move into higher vibrational states, and higher consciousness, involves coming into greater resonance with our continually expanding Divine Self.

You have the power to work with your Divine Self, to evolve consciously. Many of you do this daily.

We’d like to share with you a reliable process to work with your Divine Self, to open up lesser personality patterns, and to change them into patterns of greater beauty, order, harmony and coherence.

We’d like to support you at this time in your evolutionary journey and so that you may experience an enormous increase in freedom, confidence to create and manifest more of what calls to you AND to bring you into Oneness and Unity, more often.

It’s possible to evolve these patterns, and shift the energy of what has been.

We are so excited to share this new program with you!

CLEARING THE PAST, is now open for enrollment.

✨✨✨ CLEARING THE PAST is offered at a special introductory price for one day only. ✨✨✨

I am excited to share Clearing the Past at the lowest price it will ever be — a special introductory celebration of it’s release.

(After that, the price will go up 33% as the full price takes effect.)

A channeled invitation from Archangel Michael + program details + payment options:


The introductory price is available for one day only.
​If this calls to you! Don’t wait.

(If you are worried you missed the special price, don’t be. I will give a little “time zone grace…” If the special price is still there when you click on the link above, it’s yours.)

Hooray!! If you are joining us now, welcome to CLEARING THE PAST, .


And being, the very liberated, clear, true, peaceful, happy, powerful and freest version of YOU!

With so much love,


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