A clarion call to all the light workers



Beloved Ascending Family,
Some feedback from last month’s Newsletter below:
“Hello Marlene,
After reading your message about “toad jumping”, I thought I’d share my own experience. On January 21st, I was falling asleep. I found during my dream that I was remembering specific moments in this lifetime, then traveling backwards quickly through time to my Akashic record to the time of my soul’s beginning. I was told that I would find that beginning, but not now. My symbol in the dream was an obelisk. I’ve done some research but need to look deeper.
So I’ve had my own “toad jumping” too!  I’m asked by my guides/masters to look for the symbols and research them. They say that we all are receiving, and the symbols are specific to each of us. Not all will receive the same messages.  There is so much going on and I’ve been asked to focus inwardly and remain calm. 
Thank you so much for your message! It confirms what I was told!
Blessings Marlene and thank you,
Sandra W., USA

My younger brother called this morning. I have not heard from him for about six weeks…life has been very busy for him. He and his wife just got back from a four day vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada. They stayed in the historic part of Las Vegas in the Fremont Hotel. The temperatures were in the 65 degrees Fahrenheit which is a comfortable temperature but if it is windy, it becomes cold. They each allotted $200.00 for gambling (they are not gamblers obviously) and then took a bus tour to see the Grand Canyon the next day.
The rest of the time they found themselves doing a lot of walking and exploring the area they were staying in and not even making use of the all day bus passes they had purchased. He mentioned that having breakfast at Starbucks in Calgary, Alberta where they live usually cost about $25.00 CAD but in Las Vegas, the same meal cost $37.00 U.S. plus the 30% exchange from Canadian dollars!
On the day of their return journey they were to travel on a 2 hour flight to Los Angeles Airport to board a plane back to Calgary…there was a lot of high wind so they ended up sitting in their plane for 7 hours before they could fly! Delays in flights seems to be a ‘norm’ these days!
A clarion call to all the light workers – Ismael Perez, Author of “Our Divine Origin” has called for a mass intention on March 3, 2023! Note: What I have noticed is that the views to this video are being suppressed big time – so know that there are a lot more people interested in taking part in this focus than is being recorded!
Adorable Six-Year-Old Makes Case for Three Days Off School

“These times require as many people as possible to hold a positive vision and intention for the world. Please take a few moments several times a day to intend a better world, one that is free from the chaos and destruction depicted on the mainstream media. Decree and affirm peace to manifest here on Earth! …”

I am pleased to offer the following message from a new (for me to scribe) Ascended Master. What a lovely energy!



It’s been one year since the Freedom Convoy was dismantled! There are seven episodes which I have listed on the selenite crystal message page in the side bar on the right of the message. I am trying to avoid key words, if you know what I mean.

Until next month, stay centered, Beloved Family, your Presence here on this ascending planet Earth is extremely helpful.

Much love and many blessings to you all!


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