How to Create a Healthy, Joyful Love, even after Heartbreak ❤️


Hello My Beautiful Friend –


I’ll always remember how I broke off my engagement, and how it felt in the days that followed.

I remember how sad and upset I felt, wondering if I’d failed in some way, though I knew deep down the relationship had ended because it wasn’t for my higher good.

If it weren’t for all the work I did afterwards, emotionally and spiritually I wouldn’t be where I am today, which is in a place of far greater Peace, fulfillment, and mutual respect in my relationships.

That’s why I’m delighted to introduce you to my loving, passionate friend Anastasia Frank. 

After a painful divorce, Anastasia wasn’t sure healthy love was possible for her.

But she found her way out of the heartbreak, and into partnership with a man who loved not only her strength and ambitions, but also her vulnerable, tender parts — something she hadn’t thought possible.

Anastasia and I want you to have a love like that — one where you feel loved for the real you — fully, passionately, completely.

So in service to that, I’m inviting you to a powerful free series Anastasia is hosting, that is our gift to you: ❤️

The Healthy Love Show

How to Get Ready Emotionally, Physically, and
Spiritually for Juicy, Connected Love

This series is thoughtfully curated to give you everything you need to fully feel what you’re feeling.

And to identify and heal your blindspots to healthy love, so you can start taking concrete, embodied steps to create the aligned, lasting love you absolutely deserve.  

I hope you’ll join us for this one-of-a-kind event to heal what hurts at its root, so you can feel authentic joy, and create a connected love that lasts. ❤️

Save your seat here now before we go live.

I’ll see you inside —

Much Love & Light,

P S  Learn everything you need to heal your heartbreak and create your most aligned love yet in this unique series hosted by my beautiful friend Anastasia. 

Save your seat for “The Healthy Love Show” now — it kicks off soon! ❤️


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