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Daybreak – Expanding the Language of Love 

​​​​​​Enjoy this week’s insight from Linda Dillon on living a spirit-filled life. And don’t forget to check out the newsletter below!


Announcing Embracing Sacred Love!

All of us yearn at the deepest level of our soul to be in Sacred Union. Sacred Union isn’t just having a relationship, or communing with the Divine, of feeling deeply connected to Gaia or the kingdoms, or even with our star brothers and sisters. It’s all of this and so much more. Sacred Union is having a deep practical and sublime connection to our sacred selves.

Embracing Sacred Love is about harmonizing all of these aspects in a practical action-packed here and now life. It’s understanding and living our unique soul design in ways that are meaningful, creative and passionate. Sacred Love is about conjoining, connectedness and unity consciousness on the most profound level. Embracing Sacred Love is living in joy.

As we anchor in the Mother’s New Time, the first area the Divine Mother is guiding us to bring the fullness of our attention to is Divine Union and Sacred Partnership. Hence, this brand new webinar series, Embracing Sacred Love! The Mother will guide us through a massive expansion of what it deeply and truly means to be in Sacred Union – in what the Mother calls Harmony. How could we not jump at this chance?

Accompanied by the Council of Love team of seen and unseen teachers, together we will work with an intensity that is transformative and permanent. Together, joyfully and committed, we will engage the fullness of our individual Divine Design and the Divine Design of All. As one circle, united in heart and fueled by love, we will proceed to shift, move and anchor into the highest realm of Sacred Union and Partnerships.

Curious, Excited, Ready? I hope you’ll join us on this amazing journey!

xxx Linda

For more information or to register, click here.

Spring Equinox Webinar

Are you curious about what’s going on? Why everything seems to be right at the surface and up for grabs? Wondering why you haven’t felt your normal eagerness to get moving with your new projects?

The Divine Mother, in an act of Divine Intercession, literally moved Gaia and all of us to a new expanded time wave, where creation and the completion of ascension is the order of the day. We began this transition to the Divine Mother’s New Time at the Winter Solstice 2022. We are anchoring in the new construct which has and is being infused with a frequency infusion of the Mother’s own essence. Unheard of and prayed for.

We have been adjusting to this very real yet very subtle change in the construct within which we live. The Mother shared with us that this shift would take at least until the end of the first quarter of the year – which brings us to Spring Equinox 2023! Many of us have been laying low, but now it’s time to sprout new ideas, projects and receive the full bounty of our Mother’s incredible infusion of her very essence.

Please come and join us  for this live 60 minute Council of Love webinar and learn about our next steps as we literally spring forward into this realm full of potential and expansion. If you can’t attend in person, you can participate in the recording – all the attunement and energy are ready and waiting for you!

Ready for your spring tune-up? 

For more information or to register, click here.


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