New Message + Words of Wisdom from Rock Nation 💜


Greetings, Powerful Force for Change!

I will relay briefly what the Collective have to share in this week’s Message

The dark ones are fading fast (and their wars along with them) . . .

Our ability to see, sense, and inwardly read energy patterns and sacred geometries is coming forward now . . .

Our connection to our soul families, including Star Nations, is becoming clearer every day . . .

And You are remembering now the normalcy of higher dimensional life, which soon enough will simply be everyday life . . . “

These powerful Solar Light Waves, though hard to deal with, due to the discomfort of integrating them at times, are nevertheless changing it all, right in front of our eyes.

And you and I, for once, are not looking to the heavens for help — though actively calling on higher assistance is encouraged —

We’re inwardly celebrating our increasing power of self-Knowing, and our increasing awakened state.

And all the magic and miracles that come with it . . .

I hope you enjoy this week’s Message. And also, the video below, from Sedona.

With great Love, and great Thanks for your presence on the Earth at this time!


P S  In this video, I relay Wisdom Messages from Rock Nation, from the hiking trail near Courthouse Rock in Sedona, Arizona:

Courthouse Rock 💜 Sedona AZ: Rock Nation’s Wisdom Messages

P P S  If you’re seeking channeled answers, the Collective regularly work with people’s Spirit team to explain situations, relationships, and hard moments, while working energetically to lift that issue and your life path to a higher level.

Go here for the “Just One (or Two or Three) Question” recorded channeled answer option, or to book a channeling session, if you feel that is right for you now.



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