Spiritual Heart Meditation This Weekend with Selacia


Spiritual Heart Activation Meditation with Selacia

Attend Feb. 18 Global Meditation

Hello friends,

I’m looking forward to this weekend, sharing with you today’s Spiritual Heart Activation Global Meditation and the option of joining my ReAnchor Yourself Divine Changemakers course now evergreen! Both provide you with essential tools you need to facilitate personal and spiritual transformation while making a difference in the world.

Get Resourced For Next Phase

This year as we witness our world move into the next phase of a messy and unpredictable societal transformation, it’s not easy to be a Divine Changemaker experiencing warp-speed personal transformation. We know we “signed up” to be here now, yet it indeed can be challenging.


We are in a huge death and rebirth stage during the 2020s. This is our outer world – and it is each of us. If you have read my articles and books since 2011, you understand this.

Outdated approaches, unworkable habits, and ego-based structures are being dismantled. How we coped before no longer works. Nature has been setting off alarm bells for a long time. It’s like nature’s way of saying: Time’s Up.

When you go within and quiet your ego enough to hear your wise spiritual self, you can better understand your personal outdated approaches and begin to feel resourced to bravely address them.

At Saturday’s meditation focused on the spiritual heart, you will be assisted with this – as you are guided in processes that reveal key life insights and tangibly connect you to your spiritual heart.


Join us for Today’s Spiritual Heart Activation Meditation by registering now. Have a friend you sense could benefit? Please forward this email or send them to my website.

I also invite you to register for my ReAnchor Yourself – Live Your Truth

Divine Changemakers Course – now evergreen. If you’re already in the course, please refer a friend! In my ReAnchor Yourself course, you receive potent tools and my guided audio processes to help you do deep dives for self-understanding and spiritual transformation. As part of the course, you receive practical tools to connect with your inner wisdom and live your truth.

Feel free to contact me for more information, and to let me know your feedback. 

Thank you for your ongoing support and being a part of my journey this lifetime!

May love and success be yours,



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