A Message of Hope for Starseed & Light Bringers 💜


Greetings, my beautiful, Light-filled friend!

Today’s Message is from the latest Abundant Living Podcast, recorded a day ago near Bell Rock and Courthouse Rock in Sedona, Arizona.

The Abundant Living Podcast – Healing What Triggers You – Ep 6

I was there for a few days “on retreat” you might say, seeking healing bodywork from an amazingly effective and intuitive practitioner, Nina Rizzo of www.HandsThatHearYou.com. And asking for direction from my Spirit team.

The message the Collective offers speaks to what so many are experiencing now —

Reaction to outer events in our own lives and in the world, which feels to be so full of disruption — while recalling and reclaiming our own authentic center of calm:

“You’re looking at all this, and you’re saying, “This is complete injustice, and I’m very tired of it! I want the 5th dimension to be here, and all this nonsense to stop!” And that is completely understandable. Absolutely understandable.

And it is coming to an end, dear ones!

And yet, who has stirred up all that mud, except all of you with your beautiful Light-filled presence! It isn’t that you are reacting to the density of what you’re seeing.

What is happening, is that the density is being created out of reaction to all the tremendous Light that you—all of you—are holding.

And you are beautifully planting all the Light into the Earth so as to change Her for good! So as to make Her a place of miracles.

And the only way to get from this place where you are at the moment, to where you desire to be — a Peace-filled Earth full of Joy and pure food and water, safety for your children, etc. — is for all of you to carry on holding this Light that you came in to anchor, and that you’re transmitting very, very powerfully and very beautifully . . . “

Go here to read the full Message, or here to watch the video, full of powerfully supportive energies, and Sedona’s natural beauty.

Despite appearances, we have already entered the Sat Yuga, the new age of Peace & Prosperity.

And that means more Wisdom, more clarity and higher direction, more Love, more Joy . . .

With great Love, and Thanks for all you are,

P S  If you’re seeking channeled answers to one, two, or three questions, the Collective regularly work with people’s Spirit team to explain situations, relationships, and puzzling moments, while working energetically to lift all to a higher level.

Go here for the “Just One (or Two or Three) Question” recorded channeled answer option, or to learn about channeling sessions, if you feel that is right for you now.



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