Big Thank You from Corey & Stacy Post-Deposition Leak


Corey Goode Post-Deposition Leak & What’s Next?

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By Corey Goode, Dec 2022/Jan 2023 – Updates Posted on AscensionWorks.TV

A Big Thank You from Corey and Stacy for Your Massive Support!
After the deposition leak in the Goode vs. Ramsaur, Kennedy, Youngblood, we were not looking forward to seeing our email inbox, so we waited until the day after Christmas. What we found instead of haters and trolls was a massive show of support — hundreds of emails from people who understood what we are doing to protect my Intellectual Property (IP) and life story from theft. Many of you expressed how you left the community as well because of the toxicity, backstabbing, and slandering that you yourselves have suffered, not just the public figures. Stacy and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We greatly appreciate your support for these important lawsuits — which have cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can help by contributing at:

Thank you,
Corey Goode

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“In service to all,
in service of the One.”


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