This beautiful song will INSPIRE you to GROW INTO the YOU you want to be.

Beloved Ascending Family,
At the end of December 2022, as I was falling asleep and thinking about my lack of focus lately, my guides were telling me that I had been ‘toad jumping’ and that was why it was hard for me to accomplish anything. The next morning, I was wondering what those words really meant, for I had never heard that term before._

On January first, I was talking to my friend Isabelle who does advanced pendulum work on healing the Earth and also in the cosmos, who said that the night before, there had been a jump over seven timelines and she was feeling so tired she couldn’t keep her eyes open and was mostly sleeping. I was thinking about ‘toad jumping’ and wondered if that was what my guides meant. It was a few weeks later that I clued into doing a google search on what that term meant, if anything.

Lo and behold, this actually had meaning! Bearing in mind that I personally did not actually see a toad, I chose excerpts of what seems relevant to me: “The toad brings many spiritual messages to us. They are powerful symbolic animals that must never be treated as less. The moment you see a toad on your path, let hope arise in your heart. You are not alone, and the Universe is paying attention to every step you take and providing clarity, direction, and guidance whenever you need it.

The toad is known to adapt to any environment it finds itself. Therefore, whenever the toad shows up on your path, it symbolizes adaptability. We are not immune to our environment. Therefore, you have to be careful of the environment you find yourself in. Whatever you expose yourself to, will eventually shape who you will turn out to be. Therefore, whenever the toad shows up on your path, it is instructing you to stick to the growth process. Most times, this process comes at a huge cost of inconvenience, however, you must pass through this phase. Be patient with your growth. With time, you will look back and realize how far you have come.
“Prepare for a major change in your life’s direction. The universe is calling you to fulfill a higher purpose and Calling. It is time to begin to pay attention to your inner intuition. It is time for you to establish a stronger bond with the spiritual world than ever before. There is something strategic about to happen. Your connection with the spiritual world is a preparation for the metamorphosis.”
January 11, 2023 – My friend Isabelle called and during our conversation, she mentioned that we had jumped over 12 timelines during the night…that is definitely moving in quantum speed!
January 28, 2023 – I saw a beautiful majestic eagle flying over the river in front of our home and looked up the meaning of seeing an eagle flying – “If eagle has appeared, it bestows freedom and courage to look ahead. The eagle is symbolic of the importance of honesty and truthful principles. Summon the eagle when you are about to embark on a challenge, a massive life change or a creative endeavor. The spiritual meaning of seeing an eagle is usually associated with liberation and living in the moment. It can also signify courage, wisdom, strength, and freedom. It often symbolizes the freedom to pursue a higher path in life. Seeing an eagle can remind us to take risks and be bold. It can inspire us to look at challenges with courage and to rise up out of difficult situations. The eagle can also carry spiritual messages to encourage peace and balance.”
Messages for FEBRUARY 2023:





This beautiful song will INSPIRE you to GROW INTO the YOU you want to be. This is, I believe, what many of us Lightworkers are in the process of becoming. The Masters have said this in their messages. Apparently, it is very difficult when the butterfly has to break through the chrysalis before the transformation will occur so that its wings will be strong and healthy so have faith and hang in there beautiful butterfly people – do not give up!
This amazing kitten really knows how to be ‘in the moment!’
Thank you for being YOU!
Many blessings to you and your loved ones.
Love always, Marlene


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