This simple approach ‘unblocks’ everything


This simple approach ‘unblocks’ everything

Dear Friend,

Do you sometimes feel blocked or that lights never turn green for you?

That was just how Mitchell Dean felt for years. Mitchell, a 44-year-old clinical psychologist, suffered from depression for as long as he could remember.

Mitchell was well loved by his family, and had been a diligent student who got good grades, but all through his childhood and into adulthood he found it difficult just to be in the world. At times, he would descend into major depression, where he harbored thoughts of suicide all day long.

He never acted on his thoughts – he couldn’t bear to hurt his parents or, as an adult, his wife and nine-year-old son – but if he saw a bus passing by, he often willed it to run over the curb and hit him.

Today, Mitchell is an utterly different person. But the usual therapies weren’t the reason for the radical change–something else happened to Mitchell.

Find out how he did it by clicking below:

Warmest wishes,

Lynne McTaggart


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