Last Call for Living Truth!

Dear COL Friends,  Happy New Timeline!

How is January working out for you so far in the new energies? Winter in all its unexpected beauty, clarity, and stunning cold is a wonderful opportunity to burrow deeply into ourselves.

We are hearing through Linda Dillon (and other channels) that we are leaving the clamor and falsity of the old structures and making our way into greater clarity, compassion, and truth. The way I understand it so far, is, as we learn to befriend our inner selves, going through the darkness to seek – and find- our inner light and our own peace, it begins to show up reflected in the outside world. We begin to go through our days being our true selves: LIVING TRUTH. 

Sound good, or just confusing?

Here’s a question for you: Are you living the truth and beauty of your soul?

This is the theme of our next COL webinar, LIVING TRUTH. With this question, we are inviting you to join us onJan. 21, this coming Saturday- at 11 am EST for a lively, 90-minute, interactive webinar – brimming with discussion, fun exercises, and helpful demonstrations to guide all of us to align more deeply- and more delightfully- with the Truth of our beings.

Please come join us for this expansive timely deep dive!


All my love, Jennifer


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