Now Posted: Artifacts of the ‘MANDOLIN CRYSTAL SKULLS’ / from Gillian


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The crystal skulls are complete depositories of Living knowledge,

Each skull is one volume in a set of crystal encyclopedias.

I have worked with many crystal skulls throughout the years, ancient and modern; all held a crystalline piece of the Cosmic pi. The crystal skulls are a collective of our crystal-like energies coming together in a mosaic of unparalleled proportion. All carvings and stones of Earth are naturally ancient of birth. Humanity has left so many stones unturned not taking time to hear their teachings and ancient truths. It is told that the original crystal skulls were kept inside a pyramid in a formation of incredible power known as the Ark. The Ark was comprised of the twelve skulls from each of the sacred points in space, kept in a circle. with the thirteenth skull in the center of the formation. This thirteenth skull connected the knowledge together.


All crystal skulls are “ancient” as quartz is un-datable and timeless. Crystal skulls can actually be programmed easily and accessed quickly like a new computer instead of an old outdated computer. Crystal skulls are a lot like computers and can be cleared/ deleted/ updated/ saved/ etc.  However like a computer the imprint of the information does not go away permanently and can be retrieved thru time. A crystal skull has access to all crystal skulls (both ancient and modern).

  • 13 crystal skulls were left behind thousands of years ago by ancient star elders to be found by future generations. These skulls are containers of great knowledge and wisdom holding information about the history of the planet, the evolution of mankind, the future and our purpose on this Earth. The legend says that one day in a time of great crisis all of 13 crystal skulls will be reunited and activated. These 13 crystal skulls will one day be brought together forming a crystalline matrix that will allow human consciousness to evolve and return to its natural state.
  • When brought together physically crystal skulls create a measurable, pulsating light. This Lights job is to call to itself. See yourself and all the crystal skulls you have or are a part of merge light to light. Feel the Oneness and inner connection letting go of all isolation and separation. Call to all the crystal skulls you have gathered throughout time ask them to surround you with a field of Light. Imagine the 12 great ancient crystal skulls around you in a circle of protection, a circle of Light, in a circle of ancient realisms that come forth now to reveal themselves, let yourself become the 13th skull shine your light as a beacon.

As we all collectively become a unit of breathing light let yourself become crystalline of resolve, crystalline of thought and crystalline of healing, creating a clear coat of protection, coating your inner and outer human body with impenetrable Light, strength and protection. Within this safe space call upon all that is future and ancient. All of us are becoming an essential part of the crystalline assemblage point ‘Becoming a crystalline depository.’


Activating your crystal skull is like turning on your laptop or cell phone.  When a skull is first carved it is a totally blank slate. It contains earth information via the crystals time on earth, but no other information has been downloaded into it. By bringing the skull to sacred places, in contact with other skulls, especially ancient ones, activates the information stored within the crystal skull. There is also a great power in having multiple crystal skulls. The earth, like the human body, has chakras, vortexes and energy lines. To activate a vortex or meridian you hold the crystal skull up to your heart, connect with it, and then place it on the ground in the center of the vortex.

When you activate an earth point you are also activating the corresponding point inside yourself The crystal skulls providing the link between the two. When you first get your skulls hold one in each hand and allow all the crystals skulls of the world to connect with you in a matrix of light. imagine you are one with all of their info and healing and wisdom. Send out your queries and expect answers.


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