A Message to Light Bringers + New Book! 💜


Happy New Year, Beautiful Light Being!

Today’s MTL is the a shortened version of the message the Collective delivered at the recent Hope Interfaith Center’s wonderful Star Gathering event.

The Message is an energetic send of loving encouragement, as we deal with intense solar Light energies, and transform into our greater selves.

They also take us on a beautiful journey to meet with our twin flame and Star Nations families:

“We’re bringing a little whirlwind of Light into everyone’s energies, and it’s going up through the body, through all the energy systems . . . up through the crown chakra . . .

Yes, you can be powerful, and you are already beautiful! You can be your higher self.

As Earth beings who are openly in contact with Star Nations in the heart-mind and in the etheric, you understand Earth’s role in this galaxy. You realize that this is no time for playing small! 

Are you ready to light up your own consciousness, just by understanding that you’re completely loved?

You don’t have to react to outer circumstances in ways that pull you out of your calm center.

Even if you’ve got a physical issue you’re a little unsure about, or frightened by, you can know you are guided perfectly to perfect resolution of that issue. You don’t have to live in reaction to it, or identify with the illness or the disorder, whatever it is. That’s not you!

So we’re sending a lot of Light into all the chakras, spinning out any attachments that shouldn’t be there . . .

You may wish to say, “Yes, I release all this old density. It may have served my path once, but now I’m going to grow with Joy.

“I’ve come here many times to learn from density, from difficulty, from the contrast of the good and the bad, the dark and the Light.

“And I release that now! I release duality, as Earth Herself is releasing it.

“Higher dimensional galactic cultures don’t live in duality. They don’t need it. Neither do I, and neither does my planet.”

We’re putting a special Light around all of you now. Your higher selves are working with you, to show you inwardly at a very deep level that this is not only possible—it’s already happening.

You’re releasing the smallness of the ego-mind and all the attachments to survival tactics, the smallness of the personality, the attachments to cultural and family norms.

You’re releasing the feeling that “There’s Them over there, and Me over here.”

Now there’s only One. There’s just One beautiful consciousness!

So now we’re going to move into that galactic awareness, and that of your Ascended self, your higher self . . .

Now we’re going to travel a bit, and we’re going to ask all the Star families, all of your soul families, is it best that these dear ones meet you on a planet? Or on a ship? . . .

[Listening] They’re saying that meeting on their ship is fine, because “We’re all right here, gathered right around the Earth!”

They’re all very close. Some of you have a ship right overhead, over your home.

So this beautiful Light is drawing you up into one of the ships, and this particular ship you are coming onto now belongs to your Star Nations family . . . 

Go here for the full Message, which offers energies of reassurance and support for the Transformation we’re called into now.

Also want to share about the new book, Messages from the Spirit of Abundance, releasing in late January.

As always, it answers questions sent in by Light Bearers from all over the world.

As I channeled this book, I was amazed at the insights from the Abundance goddesses Lakshmi and Fortuna, and from the spirit of Money.

I felt old blockages and false beliefs being dissolved by their energies and wisdom, even though I’ve studied Abundance and prosperity principles for many years.

It makes the book all the more intriguing, as many ideas go against the cultural grain . . .

More on that soon!

I send many blessings to you and your loved ones, that you will have the most fulfilling, Abundant, Joyful, and Love-filled year ever in 2023!

And of course, NESARA Now!

Sending much Love & Light,


A Special Note:

Our friends Tara Green and Rama Berkowitz, who are White Knights of the Ashtar Command, were told by their boss (code name King of Swords) years ago that they are not to hold jobs in our current economic system, but to be supported by the Light community.

They are both at retirement age, and have no income other than the donations sent by the Light community each month.

Their three weekly BBSRadio.com shows inform us of what is reallyhappening in the world. Those weekly News Updates can be found here, at RainbowRoundtable.net. They offer the kind of truthful, higher dimensional reporting you won’t find anywhere else.


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