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SuperNatural Girlz SHOCKING Tell-All Interview with Corey Goode

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Many thanks to Patricia Baker and Patricia Kirk (PK) for this recent interview with Corey on December 7th! Corey lets loose on what’s been happening in the UFO and Truther Communities with updates and insights to events leading up to lawsuits and controversies that continue to this day.

You’ll also hear updates on the exciting happenings with big projects Corey is bringing out for major impact via scripted TV shows around his experiences, a shocking docu-series with a hard look at what is really going on behind the scenes in these communities, and several other projects.

In the second half of the interview (starting 39 minutes in), Patricia Baker had questions about specific races of extraterrestials! We hope you enjoy this exclusive interview.

Here are some significant timestamps in the discussion:

5:25 Corey begins discussing some history
7:44 Lawsuit discussions
20:15 Rumors about Corey
23:58 Rumors about ECETI Ranch
31:47 Corey’s advice to content creators
29:26 Twisting narratives
31:47 Films covering the Community
36:35 Other recent projects
38:36 ET and SSP discussions

SuperNatural Girlz website:

Corey’s Links mentioned:

Gaia related news mentioned:
1. RICO Civil Suit: Trademark violations (Cyberstalking) – Goode vs Gaia, Inc. –
2. Patent Civil Suit – NEC vs Gaia, Inc. –
3. Copyright Civil Suit – Antarctica Films vs Gaia, Inc. –
4. Class Action Civil Suit Facebook Privacy violations – Guida vs Gaia, Inc –
5. Yoga-Streaming Company Gaia to Settle SEC Probe –
6. EQUITY ALERT: ROSEN, A TOP RANKED LAW FIRM, Encourages Gaia, Inc. Investors to Inquire About Securities Class Action Investigation – GAIA –

As you can imagine and Patricia mentions in this interview, these lawsuits are not only time consuming, but expensive. If you’d like to read more about them or contribute to the legal fund, you can do so here:

Note from James Gilliland posted on Telegram:

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