Face What Stops You

Face What Stops You

Look Inside Yourself For The Truth

Hello friends,

Today I’d like to discuss themes of power and how we use our energy in the world. From my perspective this is one of humanity’s biggest lessons and challenges. As a species we’ve struggled with this since the beginning of time.

There is a tendency to look outside ourselves when contemplating power abuses we see in the world. To be sure, those are happening “out there,” but where we can be the change we want to see is inside ourselves. This is crucial to understand. We must own our responsibility to face our shadow self and uncover the workings of our ego. Continue reading to understand, on a very practical level, what I mean.

Ego Power vs Divine Power

For decades I’ve communicated about the theme “Divine power vs ego power.” In my book “Earth’s Pivotal Years” I describe Divine power as genuine and without the need to control. This is our natural form of power. It stems from our higher nature, which is Divine.

Ego power is based on fear and the need to control, manipulate, or appear better than others.

Your ego is not your friend. It keeps you feeling small and unworthy. From your ego’s perspective, you are never enough, don’t have enough, and won’t amount to much.

When you are run by your ego, fear drives you in unproductive ways. Bringing the light of your soul into manifestation is curtailed by your ego that is always trying to prove something rather than simply be. Your ego hates to “wait” or be told something you really want can’t happen immediately.

Mars Retrograde – A Review of How We Use Power

Energetic forces in this last part of the year are bringing to the surface what needs to change, on our planet and within each one of us. Mars, the planet of motivation and active energy, is nudging us to review how we use our power and inner fire. We are being asked to look at how we use our energy in the world. This includes management of our emotions or inner fire.

Since no one is a finished product, the lessons of Mars involving power and inner fire are ongoing throughout our lives. During Mars retrograde – October 30, 2022 to January 12, 2023 – is an ideal time to review these lessons.

I suggest some deep dives to explore how you manage your energy and emotions – with yourself and with others. Examples: (1) consider your self-talk, that voice inside your head that has you doubting yourself (2) explore how you relate to others when you do not feel heard or respected – your ego reacting in ways that put a wall between you and other people.

Look Inside For The Truth

To create your best life in these times requires that you get real and be willing to see the hidden parts of yourself. Students in my Divine Changemakers “ReAnchor Yourself – Live Your Truth” course – now evergreen – are receiving hands-on guided experience with accessing their shadow selves and conditioning. They learn to connect the dots regarding current situations and soul lessons being activated today.

I leave you with this. Only by being willing to look beyond what you know and having the courage to see all parts of yourself can you learn to embody your authentic self and live your truth. This life is precious. The opportunity of being alive now in these times of mega change is no accident. Your soul orchestrated this in a very purposeful way! Already, whether you recognize it or not, you have connected with key people and situations designed to accelerate your awakening. Trust this.

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Participate with me in 1-on-1 personal support and astrology sessions for deeper work during which I hold the space for you and guide your exploration and transformation.

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Thank you for being a part of my life in these times, and for your ongoing support!

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