Approaching 2023 and planning now for Joy and Abundance


Dear Friends

It is hard to believe that we are approaching the last month of the year and the holidays.  So much has happened in 2022, and the Earth is positioned to return to 9D and “New Lemuria”. We have been through so many shifts and changes as we step into our true Multi-dimensional Human Angel template to become citizens of the New Lemuria. We are now in a deep process of “levelling up” and December will be the month in which we can make plans to step into the energy of 2023 with a focus on creating Joy and Abundance no matter what is happening on the lower levels.
The Sun has moved into Sagittarius which is a warm and creative Fire sign with a vision for the future.  We need to consider what is our vision for the future in 2023?  With this is mind, I am offering a special one hour webinar for the 12/12 which will be a 12/12 Portal Celebration  with information on Manifesting and Creating for an abundant 2023.  I would be delighted to have you join us. You can join our webinar here:

Other key dates in December will be the Full Moon in Gemini on 8th December, which is also my birthday.  The 19th December is when the Sun aligns with the Galactic Center, and the 21st of December is the December Solstice, a moment of pause and reflection as we honor the journey of our Earth around the Sun and begin the new journey towards the changing season (towards winter in the South and towards Summer in the North.)

Because so many of you will probably want a little help with your focus on 2023, I am doing a Special Offer on Private Sessions and Readings in December.  I will be offering 20 private sessions at 200 US Dollars that will look at where you are now and what energies you can expect in 2023.  You can sign up for this Special Offer at this link :

And then, because it is my birthday on 8th December, I am asking that if you have enjoyed my work in 2022, that you consider donating to my Birthday fundraiser.  This is to a Cat Rescue organisation that I support. It is in South Africa, but you can donate in your chosen currency and it is a secure link. The lovely women and men in this organisation helped to bring me together with Hali (Halifax), my very special kitty who shares my life.  I would be so grateful for any amount that you could contribute at this link :

Have a wonderful month everyone!

love and blessings


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