2nd December 2022. Mike Quinsey.

2nd December 2022. Mike Quinsey.
Our interest in your future goes much further than you might imagine. You are going through a series of necessary changes to ensure those of you who are getting ready to ascend continue on that path. We are aware that some of you were taken back by the forceful nature of recent messages, but that had become necessary to ensure you fully understood the importance of the present time.
From our position we know that many souls have been surprised at our forthright approach to getting the message out to you, because time is passing so quickly you need to be aware of how important it is that you understand the critical times you are in. We felt the need to spell out the precarious situation the whole world is in so that you would appreciate the need for your attention to detail. The coming period is one of the most demanding you will have experienced, and you are not yet aware of what is to come. Do not fear change as it is in your best interests as the old must make way for the new and it will all be to your liking.
The important thing to remember is that you will get through these tough times so take the changes in your stride and be prepared for a period of tough decisions. We have kept the damage to a minimum to enable you to cope and will continue to oversee future happenings. We will not allow matters to get out of control and encourage you to help others in their times of need. Can you put aside your personal needs for the greater good of all so that Humanity has a better chance of getting through the immediate challenges it faces. One good turn does deserve another and in the time of excessive demands upon your resources they need to be fairly shared around. The poorer nations do not have the backing to overcome the demands upon them, and their people suffer the most pressing needs for help. Again we try to direct you in such a way that you give priority to the most needy by helping where you can.
As you must have realised by now, the weather has also been affected by the changes and some of the animals are on the move because of them. They are more susceptible to them than you are, and in particular where it has caused changes to their food supply, so naturally they will move to more suitable areas. The climate changes are also affecting your normal food supplies in some areas, and is resulting in near starvation. It is a growing situation that is going to need some rapid action to avoid unnecessary deaths. Be assured we act behind the scenes to encourage you to take the right action. We will never standby and watch needless deaths and destruction but sometimes we cannot “interfere” in matters you have brought upon yourselves, and that is karma.
We are in fact pleased to see that more and more of you are giving of your time and even help financially for those in need. By doing so you in effect enable us to assist you that gives us great pleasure. Sometime in the future you will all see and understand how much difference your help has made. We have the greatest sympathy with you and fully understand the trauma and pain many of you have to go through. Fortunately it will soon be forgotten once you see the difference your efforts have made. At heart we know how much you care for each other and fully understand the difficulties you have to bear. The dark Ones still try to influence your actions but are getting less successful as positive energies gain strength and power. The news is normally too one sided, but by being positive in your actions you are forging ahead regardless.
Your planet is guarded so as to ensure there is no major interference to the greater plan for future. There are extra-terrestrial ships surrounding your planet that keep other curious visitors away. You are at a most important stage in your evolution that every precaution is being taken to ensure what you would call a “happy landing”. Exactly how you will do it we do not know except success is guaranteed in one way or another. The threat to destroy your planet has been nullified and you are safe with our protection. After all we are children of the Supreme Creator on a seeking journey that has led to this point in time. We are One except that passing through the lower dimensions has dimmed your memories as to your real self.
Even miracles are coming within your capabilities as the vibrations rise up and your creative powers increase. You are great souls having an experience and understanding of the lower energies. We commend you for your determination to overcome the challenges that you have faced. Many of you have overcome the attempts of the dark Ones to pull you down and keep the truth of your real Self from you, and have tried to stop you from learning about your true origin amongst the stars. In the near future you will learn the truth about your origin but not just now.
Feel good about yourself and know in reality you are great Beings who elected to experience lives in the lower vibrations, always knowing that you would never be deserted by those given the task of advancing your evolution. We have always been with you and as time passes and the vibrations lift up, we shall be able to make a more direct contact with you. Some of you know us well and converse with us during your sleep period and you can sense when it has taken place by waking up with that feel good feeling.
I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.
In Love and Light,
Mike Quinsey.
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