Big Friday Special + A Message to Light Bringers┬á­čĺť


Hello My Friend –

This week, as many here in the US prepare for Thanksgiving (and Native American Heritage Day), the Collective speak to the tumult and shocks of the past week’s news cycle.

Affecting nearly every country now, we are seeing much density coming to the surface via tragedy and loss.

Yet somehow, the Transmuting and Transforming power we are now reclaiming is also coming to the surface. And so they offer:

“We would say that to release the discomfort felt around traumatic events, as you look with grace and compassion upon those situations that trouble you and others, releasing the energies of any dark intent — this is a power you are only now beginning to tap into!

This too is your Ascension, friends.

We are aware that many have been asking, Why are things still so difficult, if the Earth is increasingly moving into fifth dimensional reality?

Why the violence, the price gouging by companies and corporations for even the most basic products and services, the corrupt elite still in power and causing so much trouble?

And we would say, All of this is occurring now in part because on a higher self level, you yourselves have requested this time of energetic cleansing.

You requested of us, “Assist us by bringing the density to the surface, where we ourselves can see it, so we can rinse ourselves and our planet clear of it, and in transmuting it, release it back to the ethers where it will rejoin unmanifest energies.

“We have come for this!┬á. . . “

Go here for the full Message.

If you are┬áfinding it hard to feel good about life now, amidst all this upheaval of growth and change, the Collective and I send much higher Light, and┬ábig hugs of reassurance —

And much Divine Love!


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