As you know, separation from Source has never occurred.


As the year of 2022 draws to a close you are all well aware of the enormous numbers of experiences and events that have occurred, many of which were neither happy nor uplifting, and which have mostly served to increase the suffering that so many worldwide are undergoing.  However, this growing awareness of the unnecessary but sometimes intentional increases in suffering is effectively leading to a major release by large numbers of people of the ingrained, judgmental, and unloving intentions and behaviors that have plagued humanity for a very long time.  It is the time NOW for each human to release all within them that is not in complete alignment with Love, and this ishappening.  The numbers of you who are finally realizing that judgment and competitive thoughts, words, and behaviors never resolve conflicts, but only increase their frequency, are growing rapidly as the insanity of these sorts of relationships on an individual, organizational, political or international level becomes ever more apparent.

Yes, enormous increases in suffering worldwide are happening, but enormous realization of the need for major change is also arising, and loving groups and communities are forming everywhere to bring this about.  Therefore, allow the Love that envelops and embraces you in every moment to fill your hearts by inviting It to enter and flow through you to massively assist in the healing of your own and of humanity’s fearful choice to hide in a state of separation from Love, a state fueled by your very prevalent sense of unworthiness or sinfulness that is utterly and completely invalid.

Instead embrace It and pool your resources in a loving and permanently ongoing cooperative venture to resolve all the issues dividing you by the use of peaceful and loving communication.  You can do this, the vast majority want to do this, so trust in your ability to bring it to fruition, knowing, as you do at the depths of your being, that with the enormous assistance that you are receiving from those in the non-physical realms that your outright and complete success is divinely guaranteed.

This is truly an amazing and most propitious time to be a human in form.  Everyone of you has chosen to be here now to participate in and to assist in your divine awakening process.  It cannot be stopped, slowed, or prevented.  The process is flowing now, powerfully and joyfully, as awareness grows of the Power of Love, and of the fact that the seeds of this moment, planted so long ago as you consider time and the illusory or dream state that it represents – separation from Truth, from Source, from Reality – approach the moment of their most glorious and most beautiful outburst into an immense blossom of constant loving awareness that is way beyond your ability to conceive of.  The blooming of your magnificent awakening is imminent.

Continue to set the intent daily to trust yourselves and to trust God’s divine plan for His beloved children.  As you know, separation from Source has never occurred, but when you were created God in Her infinite Love and wisdom blessed You with all of Her creative powers and abilities, and therefore you were able to construct a totally unrealillusory or dream state into which you could enter and pretendto separate yourselves from Her, in the same way that your little children today often play hide and seek with you.

Because you are so powerful, the apparent reality of thatstate, once you had entered it, became completely real for you, terrifyingly real.  To enter it was a completely free will choice you made, and so Mother/Father/God in Her infinite Wisdom instantly created the means for you to awaken from it when you had had enough of it, and when you were ready to do so.  In Her infinite Wisdom She knew that the moment would occur when the pain and suffering of that unreal state would inevitably become totally unacceptable, totally unbearable, and that you would desperately desire to seek an exit from it.  She did not and would not override your free will by awakening you from that unreal state before you were ready, but when you chose to awaken, the path to your awakening, which is most beautifully and divinely illuminated, would be there awaiting your acceptance of it.

Now is the moment of your readiness.  The conditions within unreality have become far too painful and intolerable for you to bear any longer, and so you have collectively chosen to awaken into Reality, to experience yourselves once again, and eternally, in your natural and normal state, fully present and at One in the eternal Presence of your infinitely loving Creator.

To continue this process, and bring it to its most glorious conclusion, you just needed to set the intent, totally without any conditions, to bring to an end the separation experiment in which humanity has collectively been engaged for so long.  That intent has been set, most powerfully, and with the massive immensity of loving support from all in the non-physical realms, attainment of your return to Reality is at hand.

Remember daily to go within, deep within yourselves, to your holy and individual sanctuaries, which have never even for the briefest of moments been disconnected from your Source, and invite the Love that is God, that is your Source to fill your hearts with the absolute and most intense knowingof your unbreakable connection to Reality.  Feeling that connection, even though it is only a very subtle and gentle feeling, will further empower you to fully engage with your awakening process.  When you do just this, it massively assists the whole collective that is humanity to also engage with your awakening process, and thus bring it most gloriously to fruition.

With so very much love and encouragement, Saul.


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