25th November 2022. Mike Quinsey.

25th November 2022. Mike Quinsey.
The worldwide problems continue with no indication as to how long they will last and which direction they are going in. You certainly recognise that the hard times will continue with no sign of any change coming at present. You reap what you sow and consequently the future does not look very encouraging, as there seems to be no real appreciation of how much time you have left to deal with the problems that threaten your existence. Yes, there are voices shouting loud and clear as to the urgent need to take action now, if you are to avoid a world catastrophe.
Action is being taken but falls short of what is required to avoid the inevitable problems that are building up right now. Clearly you cannot deal with a worldwide problem without all countries contributing to attempts to avoid the inevitable crash that is staring you in the face. We stand by with help and do our best to assist you to create a path that will adequately guide you in the direction that you should be going. It is not our direct responsibility to tell you what to do, but we try our best to get you onto the right path that will help you deal with the immediate problems.
All along we have been by your side trying to get you to not just recognise the problems you have created, but to take the action necessary to stall the inevitable, and prevent it from causing a breakdown that could be very difficult to contain. There is an underlying problem that your governments seem reluctant to address, and that relates to the secrets of their advancements that have been kept from you that could have been used to uplift your quality of life and give you a secure future. Some have been impossible to hold back but many are hidden from you.
Much can be accredited to the dark Ones who have used your money and facilities to benefit their own agenda for world domination. They will not achieve their aims as greater powers than they oversee events on Earth, to prevent actions that could decimate the greater part of your civilisation. This is because there is protection for Mother Earth and all lifeforms on it. We will not allow its annihilation that could follow an all-out nuclear war, and we have already given that warning to you.
Our comments may be upsetting for some, but we cannot keep the truth back indefinitely, from our perspective time is running short for positive action to be taken by you. We have nurtured you for eons of time but now the onus is upon you to accept the consequences of your actions, or should we say lack of action. You have created a path into the future that is unlikely to establish peace on Earth that should be the ultimate aim of all your actions. You need to take the necessary steps that will overcome the threat to mankind’s future, and we will then be allowed to take a more direct interest in the outcome and assist you.
You have advanced much more quickly in recent times as new methods have been introduced that have lifted up your ways of working. When more new inventions are introduced the pace of advancement will become even quicker. They should all benefit Humanity but some are not necessarily released but kept secret from you. We follow your progress with a view to ensuring where possible that new innovations are made open to you so that the advantages can help all people.
We are excited over the coming years that should speed up your evolution. We are certainly ready to grant you access to new ways of life that should be more enjoyable and productive. However, there is always a correct time to introduce them, and it is yet to come when matters are more peaceful upon Earth. We have already told you how to produce endless supplies of fresh water by the treatment of sea water, and it would be relatively cheap to do so. Just that by itself would overcome one of your biggest worries. It was covered by a message from Kryon some time ago that gave sufficient details for you to understand how to do it.
Once you start exploring ideas that further your evolution we try to guide you in the right direction to ensure your success. You are for example already progressing into a new era of transport by going electric, having successfully produced electric cars that you are continually improving. The benefits are obvious, not least of all the reduction in pollution. It is only in recent times that you have realised the urgency in reducing the levels of pollution upon Earth. Every step you take to reduce it helps to bring about a healthier population. We will continue to help you evolve and simply await your first signs of understanding new ways of doing things that are more efficient.
By now you should understand how much we help you along, most times without you realising our part in it. In the near future we shall come openly to meet you, but it cannot happen until you can be considered to have given up your warlike attitude and weapons of destruction. Regretfully at this time you are nowhere near ready to bring about world peace and the banning of weapons of mass destruction.
However many of you have your hearts in the right place and work for peace and we are totally behind you all. Have faith in us and no fear in carrying out your work as we will be protecting you.
I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God
In Love and Light,
Mike Quinsey.


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