Your Catalysts for Change


Your Catalysts for Change  

How to Navigate Cycles of Continuous Change

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Change is the only constant in our lives. Ironically, our ego-self abhors change and does its best to resist even simple changes. How, then, do we navigate cycles of continuous change?

In this article I’ll explain something I call divine orchestration. This occurs when our higher wisdom – knowing our ego-based resistance to change – orchestrates the perfect catalysts we need to change our lives. When you understand this principle at work, you can learn to appreciate change-making catalysts arising in your life.

3 Examples of Change-Making Catalysts

Here are 3 examples of change-making catalysts: (1) a deal you made with a business partner falls apart due to a misunderstanding regarding the terms (2) a romantic relationship turns sour when your partner has a visit from an old flame you knew nothing about (3) your longtime friend suddenly stops connecting for no apparent reason.

Your ego-self won’t see the silver linings of these examples. This part of you wants what it wants – now – and refuses to see beyond what it thinks it knows. Your Higher Self, witnessing your life, knows the perfect catalysts you need to change your life. Those catalysts typically involve either people and/or situations of importance to you.

Why? When you have a personal investment in something going a certain way, you are more likely to investigate why things are unfolding as they are. Your Higher Self knows that you will need to go deeper than what’s on the surface.

Therefore, happenstance will unfold over time that catalyzes you to regularly go within and investigate root causes. This process is not linear – it’s a divine orchestration designed in a quantum way to reveal what you need to see, fully understand, and change.

Remember this: change is always an inner process. It’s about you evolving and learning things about yourself and how you interact with the world. You cannot evolve on your own – you must have external stimulus from people and situations. They reveal what you need to learn.

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