You Are The Miracle


Hi my friend,

There is a general misconception in society that leads most people to believe that miracles are a fairytale concept—magical things that rarely happen.

This can result in an awareness block that limits the mind from recognizing, being open to, and receiving all of life’s most beautiful blessings.

What if a miracle can be as simple as choosing to create a gentle shift in our perspective?

And what if this shift in perspective is us recognizing that a miracle is just a result of what happens when we choose to show up for and love ourselves unconditionally?

If you notice, with just a subtle shift in perspective, a miracle goes from something that’s really far away and hard to experience, to something that you get to give to yourself every day.

You are the miracle my friend.

I have chosen to make my life’s work be about helping people remember and fully embrace the Divinity within themselves. One of the ways I do this most is with my monthly healing circle Club Miracles.

Explore Club Miracles

This is what my Soul brother Ziad Hashash and I pour most of our time, energy, and hearts into every week, to help people come back to the most authentic, whole, and prosperous version of themselves.

From now through December 4th, we are opening up our Miracle Community to new members.

We would be honored to have you explore what’s offered, to see if it resonates with you to be a part of that.

As a Miracle Member, you will:

  • Strengthen your connection to Source / Your Divine I AM Presence
  • Create greater physical and emotional well-being
  • Dissolve financial blocks and lack patterns
  • Increase your self-esteem, create healthy relationships, especially with yourself
  • Experience greater balance, inner peace, and harmony
  • Become fully Self Realized
  • Receive continuous support
  • And much more

if you’re ready to be seen, heard, honored, and appreciated fully, while making room for more miracles to enter your life,

I invite you to learn more about our Miracle Community Here

In honor of my 15th year of being in the personal development space, anyone who joins Club Miracles before December 4th at 11:59PM ET will be entered to win a Gematria Chart Reading. This ancient Egyptian numerology reading provides crystal clarity on what to heal, learn and work on within yourself, so you can fully step into your most authentic life purpose.

This reading will guide your healing path forward as you begin your journey within the Club Miracles community. 


With love and gratitude,



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