Using Your Intuition to Make the Most of this Portal of Change


Hey Beautiful — 

I recently invited people who participate on the Expect Wonderful Facebook page, to share how they’re experiencing this Eclipse Cycle. Over 200 comments reveal a wide variety of experiences, but some of the key  themes are: feeling VERY TIRED, overwhelmed, excited about new beginnings and/or very sad. You can read the comments and add your own if you like, by clicking here.

I am writing to share some thoughts about how you might use your intuition to make the most of this portal of change. 

Our experience of Life is constantly changing. The recent full moon in Taurus (and Eclipse) is bringing up lots of things for us to consider. Taurus themes might be about self worth security, money/abundance, feeling secure and stable.

Some of the questions I’ve been reflecting on, are:

~ Where am I holding on, attached or trying to control things? Am I willing to surrender this part of my life to the divine, the universe, to all that I am and to be led into a fuller expression? And if I’m willing, then I declare this out loud and open my heart ready to be inspired about any action that’s required of me.

~ Where do I need to slow down and take things easy in my life? Am I willing to do this? Do I feel safe doing this and if not, how can I create a sense of safety so I am free to do this?

~ What do I need to feel more connected, grounded, stable, and secure? Am I willing to give this to myself and to ask for it if I need help?

~ What do I love and value most about myself? What am I exceptionally good at? What do I treasure about being me?

~ What is my intuition telling me matters most now?

The energy of this eclipse will be working within us for sometime now.

Making time to tune in and to pay attention to what’s going on inside of us around these kinds of themes can be beneficial and help us be more deeply in touch with what’s moving, what’s arising, what’s emerging, what’s changing and what’s dissolving.

Staying current with ourselves is important, and gives us the greatest feeling of ease and well-being. 💓
If you haven’t already, please take some time to turn in and listen deeply to your inner knowing, and what’s going on inside of you, as you integrate these energies, and they move your life into a higher expression of order, authenticity, harmony, and consciousness.



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