Video Message: Mikos, Hollow Earth and Telos with Dianne Robbins & Julie Smith

From June 2021: EP276 Mikos, Hollow Earth, and Telos with Dianne Robbins & Julie Smith on Exploring Possibilities.

** Note: Dianne’s audio volume is low throughout the video, so you may need to adjust it on your end when she is speaking. **

Mikos is an ascended living deep within Hollow Earth where he oversees the Library of Porthalogos. Today Channel/Author Dianne Robbins ( and Vocal Channel Julie Smith ( join host Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Broadcaster/Speaker, Writer & Facilitator ( and even bring through Mikos to discuss:

How Mikos contacted Sheryl in ceremony during an eleven day ayahuasca Dieta in Peru back in 2013, only for this to be forgotten until she was ready to receive the information this summer. She tells the synchronicities that led her to connect with these guests for today’s show.

How channeled information from Mikos of the Library of Porthologos came to be received and published by Diane Robbins in Messages from the Hollow Earth (available for purchase at with a small affiliate fee paid to us in support of the show at no additional cost to you), as well as her other messages and works

How Dianne she began receiving channeled messages from Adama within Telos and thebn Mikos of the Library of Porthologos within the Hollow Earth

MIKOS joins via channel Julie with messages for these chaotic times on Earth, why we are feeling dizzy, confused, and uncertain shifting between 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions, how to bring ourselves peace, and the importance of self-love and compassion

MIKOS reminds that we are surrounded by loving beings and energies who want to help if we will only ask them, and discusses the importance of getting better at letting go, he discusses how time in nature can help and reconnecting to our bodies to feel truth and raise our health; more being and less doing!

Dianne speaks of how these ascended beings got inside the Earth and Mt Shasta, the Agartha Network of subterranean tunnels, particulars about the Library of Porthologos and how to use it; and MIKOS shares how to access this information NOW

Sheryl and Dianne disclose their plans to read Messages from the Hollow Earth live on YouTube and share the contents of this book absolutely free. (Dates to be announced soon!)

A picture is painted of daily life as an ascended immortal being and we are assured this is also the future of humanity

Dianne recounts the story of Lemuria and Atlantis, where these continents are now, how the Lemurians were kept alive, and the future of these continents; she shares that these ascended beings no longer have sickness or death and have no language for it (which is why we cannot go down there until we transcend these ourselves); she also shares the significance of Mt Shasta and why so many people are being drawn there now

…and much, much more!

Copyright © Dianne Robbins 


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