Full Moon Eclipse Meditation This Weekend with Selacia

Full Moon Eclipse Meditation with Selacia

Attend Nov. 5 Global Meditation

Hello friends,

I’m looking forward to this weekend, sharing with you today’s Full Moon Eclipse Global Meditation and the option of joining my ReAnchor Yourself Divine Changemakers course now evergreen! Both provide you with essential tools you need to connect with opportunities arising during this eclipse cycle and beyond. 

Opportunities – Personal & Societal 

Some opportunities are very personal, like a big reveal of previously hidden information that allows you to evolve and change your life for the better. Some opportunities relate to what you learn and contribute to society, as you witness what is unfolding. Imagine looking back on these times 100 years from now, realizing how pivotal these times were for your soul!

Get Renewed and ReAnchored This Weekend 

This weekend you will have an opportunity to tap transformational benefits of this last eclipse season of 2022. Join Today’s Full Moon Eclipse Nov. 5 Meditation to become resourced and have spirit’s higher view of current energies. Also, you can register for my ReAnchor Yourself – Live Your Truth Divine Changemakers Course – now evergreen – receiving potent tools and guided process to help you bring the light of your soul into manifestation and live your truth. This course helps you to go deep, tapping your vast inner resources of wisdom and creativity. 

Feel free to contact me for more information, and to let me know your feedback. 

Thank you for your ongoing support and being a part of my journey this lifetime!

May love and success be yours,



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