A Message to Light Bringers – October 27, 2022 💚


Hello My Friend –

This week, the Collective (and all your Spirit teams, who are always assisting!) look at healing our small self-concepts.

Those stuck places that hold us back from feeling the reality of what we desire to create.

Go here for the video, and here for the full transcript.

Lightworkers: A Small Self Concept Is NOT the Real You!

“The energies we’re looking at today, are stuck patterns—stuck energies. If you feel you’re in an old pattern that is holding you back, this is very difficult.

So you may be looking at the outer situation, and you’re saying, “Well, I’m just afraid to meet someone new.”

Or, “I could drop the weight, but I don’t know how! It’s never worked for me so far.”

Or perhaps you would love a new job, or just a change of pace in some way—perhaps, just to love and appreciate yourself in a greater way than you have in a long time.

And so there are all these ideas, old emotions, and beliefs holding you back—“I can’t do that. I’ve tried, and it hasn’t worked . . .

“Probably, this is something that’s just too difficult to let go of. I can try different outer actions, but so far, none of them have really worked.”

So just for a moment, just release all those feelings [whatever they are]—just for a moment.

Ask yourself, “What would it feel like, if I could enjoy a dream like what I’ve been dreaming of? “Who would I be, or how would I feel in that moment?”

Just give yourself a moment where you’ve already created it—and indeed you have!

In that great flow of energy that is the quantum field, you have created it . . . “

Go here for the full Message.

In these days of astounding Light codes pouring onto the planet, we are facing Opportunity such as we have never seen before, since the start of the third dimension —

To finally heal all those small, cramped, traumatized, and lost parts of ourselves, bringing all these pieces back into a fully renewed, integrated, whole self.

And the process has already begun . . .

Sending much Love,

P S  My friend Bernadette Wulf’s “Ladies of the Lake” event, coming this Sunday, October 30th!

In Arthurian lore, the Lady of the Lake is the one who gives the magical sword, Excalibur, to King Arthur – and receives it back when Arthur is mortally wounded. 

Yet ‘Lady of the Lake’ is actually a role or title shared by several residents of Avalon . . . the lake is symbolic of the faery realm. 

Nimue’ and Morgan Le Fay are probably the most well-known and intriguing ladies in the lore.

Bernadette shares, “In my personal experience, they are both very powerful and expansive beings who have much to share with us. Guinevere is also included among them.

“In this workshop we will be meeting these ladies, as well as other faery ladies of Avalon who may come to join us.

“Here’s your chance to meet them and ask anything you want to know about them and their realm.

“I find that the energy of a group always enhances shamanic journeys and makes experiences more clear and potent!”

Don’t miss this chance to tap into the co-creative power of this group event, and receive your own Avalon initiation!

Go here for more info

Date: Sunday, October 30th

Time: 10 am – 11:30 am Pacific Time (1 pm – 2:30 pm Eastern)

Location: Zoom call – link will be sent out shortly before the call

Full scholarships are available. 


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