Message to Light Bringers – October 21, 2022 💚


Hello My Friend –

This week, we share the Message Collective offered on the Ashtar Legacy Call of October 11.

The song they chose was Joni Mitchell’s “Shine,” which is full of wisdom that makes perfect sense to what we’re all experiencing now:

“Let’s look at this beautiful song [“Shine”] by this absolutely brilliant songwriter, Joni Mitchell, who became known at a time when people were being asked to throw aside the various forms of hiding and lying to oneself . . . 

“This is what the 1960s and early ‘70s brought to the world!

“Once again, people are saying, ‘I want to know who I really am. My authentic self. Not who I was trained to be. I want to be that authentic self, even though it might cost me on some level, and whatever Light it is I came in to shine with, I want to shine!’

“And so this lovely song [by Joni Mitchell] talks about various situations . . . about a clergy member who ‘threw away the vain old God / and kept Dickens and Rembrandt and Beethoven ‘

“What is it about Dickens and Rembrandt and Beethoven, that is more legitimate in their minds than the old descriptions of deity?

“Of course, all of you will know that the god that people are taught to worship in most religions is a false one.

“And as humanity returns to a deeper and deeper sense of its own authenticity, and asks to know, ‘Where is my authenticity, and where is my Light, and how do I shine?’—the old images of the old deities will indeed be thrown away.

“You’re feeling, ”How am I to shine my Light, when so many call out to NESARA to save them, and feel it’s almost useless to hope in good things anymore . . . ‘

“Completely understandable, dear ones, if any of you would feel this way . . . ”

Go here for the full Message.

It will remind you that as always, we are walking this good red road together, and we are being assisted by so many higher beings now, able to enter Earth’s atmosphere and be here on the ground with us, as the Light we are experiencing continues to increase, along with our own vibrations.

And for those finding it hard to feel positively now, amidst all this upheaval of growth and change, the Collective and I send big virtual hugs —

And much Divine Love!

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