21st October 2022. Mike Quinsey.

21st October 2022. Mike Quinsey.
The longer matters seem to go on without any signs of normality understandably you are wondering whether there will be a conclusion in the very near future. What is apparent however is that what was hidden is being brought to the surface for you to decide what action you need to take. You can recognise the need for change as existing ways are proving totally inadequate for what you know as the New Age. The underlying trend has brought to light the way that you have been used and how you have been held back from making real advancements, you have so to say “been kept in the dark”
The outcome has not been pleasant as it has highlighted your shortcomings and inability to determine your own future. However, as the plan of the dark Ones to rule the human population by reducing their numbers has failed, they can only hope to keep you in check so that you do not realise the opportunity now exists to rise up and leave them behind. By concentrating on your own future that is in no way a selfish act, you can make quicker progress by keeping your sight on your own life plan leading to Ascension.
You have waited a very long time for this opportunity to move out of the cycle of rebirth when you will rise up with your present body. However, it will have been restored to its perfect form without any defects or problems that you may have been previously carrying because it is your Light Body. You will be free from illness or any other bodily defects you may have been carrying. Through your own power of thought you will be able to create for yourself a perfect body of your own choice. Be assured all of this will come to be as and when the appropriate time is reached.
You are on the cusp of a great change that will affect all life forms regardless of their present situation. The negativity you have had to put up with throughout your lives in the present dimension will be prevented from following you into the higher vibrations as there is no place for it. A life full of joy and splendour whilst at peace with all other life forms will seem like heaven compared to your earlier experiences. The thought of what is to come should keep you happy and able to ignore or overcome the lesser vibrations around you.
There are many souls absolutely bemused at this present time because they have no understanding of what is truly taking place, but providing they have lifted up their vibrations they will get the same opportunity to ascend. Love all others as yourself and together you can all progress along the Path of Light and everlasting life. Exactly how you respond is a personal matter for each individual soul as there is more than one way to make progress, the choice is yours. We understand that as Human Beings you care about the fate of others, but as we have often informed you, they will be in good hands and helped to make the best choices for their future advancement.
In times when so much is happening it can be very confusing, however the ultimate goal is to set you up for a great leap forward in your evolution. You can so to say, take it or leave it and clearly many souls have not reached that point where they are ready, but be assured that their needs will be well looked after. All souls have help to progress but some refuse it preferring to make their own decisions. As we have already pointed out, with freewill you can follow whatever path you wish to travel. Some of course have no idea of any planned progress least of all the real purpose of life, yet all will eventually find the path leading to advancement through the Light.
When you look around you see so many opportunities to add to your experiences and growth. We try to influence you to take the right path but exert no pressure on you as it is your decision that matters. However, when you have a definite plan in mind that will assist your evolution, we are more than pleased to be of help if so required. We never force ourselves upon you but will endeavour to ensure you follow your life plan where possible. Some of you “feel” our presence around you that shows you are awakening to the higher energies. It means that you are on the right path and are most likely aware of your mission in life.
Meantime use your knowledge and understanding of world matters to help those less informed, as the future is bright even if you have not yet understood what lays ahead that will lift you up and out of the negative energies. How long it takes largely depends on you and how quickly you can make the changes that will lead to a peaceful future. It is there in the future waiting for you to claim it and all of the time you are positive and loving to others you are getting nearer to it. Have faith and do not allow anything to interfere with your determination to achieve success.
Gradually, everything is being affected by the increasing vibrations that are bringing harmony and peace to the Earth. It may be a slow process but as we have pointed out, it is already beginning to affect the animal kingdom where their aggressive approach to humanity and other species is noticeably changing. In general there is a much more peaceful energy manifesting in the world.
I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.
In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.
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