It’s time to change your life  . . .  💜


Greetings, Luminescent One!


The Message to Lightworkers will hopefully be back on Friday — I was traveling for 8 days a week ago, and became ill, so couldn’t send one out last week.

But someone in our beautiful community sent in a great question, which the Collective will answer in the next Message.

And a quick reminder about the Transforming Love Show, which starts today!

Sharing love with others is one of the greatest joys life has to offer. So how do we overcome the barriers that keep us from it?

Our past experiences can leave us burdened with doubts and regrets, taking away our confidence in ourselves and our decisions, and preventing us from truly living life.

Time to connect with our Source of Love on a deeper, more intimate level!

Please join me for The Transforming Love Show, where 21 experts are sharing their knowledge and experience.

Get ready to learn who you are in your authentic self, open your heart to love, and heal from the past. 

My interview airs tomorrow (Tuesday, October 11), and the Collective flow higher energies to us all throughout.

Go here for your complimentary ticket . . . 


Starts today — Monday, October 10


This is a beautiful, empowering event, full of higher energies and amazing insights — enjoy!  ❤️

Much Love & Light,


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