Hey Beautiful — 

THIS is how I feel about the new energy in the Conscious Evolution transmissions that has been given this week!

We’ve started doing the first remote energy work that is given as people join the program, and it is just awe inspiring.

I had it myself on Wednesday, and as I read the transmissions notes, my third eye pulses, my whole body responds with KNOWING, and joy and big surges of energy. But how to translate it all? Put it into words? Are you kidding me? It’s SO BIG.

So I’ll go with 💥. And WOW.

Of course the channeled message does comment on all this and speak to it. But the experiences I’m having in my own life, my own body, my own heart, my own thoughts are what are so amazing and fascinating.

You may not consciously realize or understand all that is happening within you, either. But my guess is you feel it and sense, the incredible changes happening on the inner planes.

After years of channeling and working with ascension energies, what is happening NOW is HUGE. One member of our community wrote me about his experience after receiving the activating transmission:

I get that this is IT— REAL DEAL — all previous roads/programs have led to this MOMENT….
feeling expansive/LARGE after reading…. an opening to the MORE OF ME…


We are entering a new timeline, one in which we can express ourselves in a much more expanded way, through presence, through expanded awareness, through greater openness, more love …

With a deep sense of connection and support. Knowing who we truly are and how deeply loved we are. By our bodies. By our planet. By our SOURCE.

We are the pioneers of this new energy and these new states of being. We’re capable now, of shifting into multidimensional presence and Divine Expression.

In support of this, I invite you to read the new message from Archangel Michael, Ashira and the Council of Radiant Light about this, and your invitation to join our us for the next 10+ weeks, in an expansive communion of Light for the new:

Conscious Evolution Program – Divine Expression

It is with great joy and enormous expectation that we commence this work, now!

The program starts this coming week.
We’d LOVE for you to join us, if this speaks to you!



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