NO ABUNDANCE CALL Tonight — but a New Abundance Video! 😇


Hello My Friend –

No Abundance Call tonight, as I am traveling today and tomorrow, to visit family for a week.

We will have our next Abundance Call on Wednesday, October 12, so see you then!

For an Abundance boost till then, and for this week’s Message, the Collective offer us a simple yet potent way to take on the energies of what we desire to create, to keep our vibration in line with it actually appearing in our lives.

See the video here

“You’ve got this beautiful vision in your mind—it might be bodily health, might be a new income level . . .

We’re going to flow energies to you now to assist you in feeling how real it is—how beautiful and how real it is.

We’re going to send a sort of whirlwind through your energies right now, pulling out the trauma . . . the self-protectiveness . . . the fear that if you get what you desire, someone will be very envious, very jealous, and try to take it from you . . .

The feeling that you’re not quite big enough for that beautiful a gift . . . Everything you have now is a gift, and you’re big enough for that! You’re powerful enough for that.

Just sending that whirlpool through your energies . . .

And now we want you to image three steps in front of you. You can see them as being on the level, or you can see them as if you were walking up stairs.

And when you get to that top level, or after you take that third step, you’re going to be in a new place.

So right now, close your eyes . . . Take that first step—you’re moving into the first level, of energetic acceptance of this growth you’ve asked for.

Because when you ask for something new, you’re just asking to grow bigger, that’s all! More beautiful, more powerful, and more in charge of your own vision, and your co-Creator status . . . “

The quick process they share is simple yet potent. It puts us in the captain’s chair of moving up to the next level in any area of our life.

Go here for the full transcript of the video, and have a beautiful week, my friend!

Huge blessings, and much Love, 

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