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Expand Your Resource Base With Selacia

Go Deeper With Gems On Inner Planes 

Hello friends,

Between now and end-December we sit in one of the most auspicious cycles of planetary change of our lifetimes. As Divine Changemakers at the helm of transforming life as we know it, we must stay awake and grounded in the here and now. Our opportunity is in these moments of chaos when our consciousness and actions can make a difference in what happens next. 

Our Challenge Is Our Opportunity

When I say our challenge is our opportunity, what do I mean?


  • First, our challenge is multifaceted, for on a basic level, we must write the script for a brand-new way of being with ourselves and with the collective. No one “in charge” knows the script needed. We must find it within ourselves and create it – a step at a time. We need to be fearless and daring writing this script, letting go of self-doubt and the need to make it perfect. It will be a work-in-progress as we evolve – and it will take patience because of the many rewrites needed. 
  • Second, our opportunity is to use what we learn moving through our challenge for our own self-realization and to uplift humanity. I suggest focusing on this second point when you get weary and disillusioned. This opportunity is unprecedented for human beings living on Earth. 
  • Third, our main challenge is ourselves – our ego-selves seeing things in black-and-white, resisting even simple changes, then projecting the dysfunction we collectively created as problems “someone else” needs to fix. We are part of the collective after all – over lifetimes we’ve had a role in creating the unworkable script manifested today.

Relax as you contemplate what I’ve outlined. Yes, it’s a lot to consider, even more to envision yourself doing what’s needed. Continue reading below to understand how simple it can be when you expand your resource base. 

Expand Your Resource Base 

We are conditioned to have a linear mindset that’s ego-based. It keeps us in a box of limitation. We see the world through the lens of our physicality – which is only 1% of our reality. Since 99% of our reality is nonphysical – impacting us whether or not we acknowledge it – we must become skilled at accessing the inner planes. This is how we expand our resource base. 

To expand our resource base, we must become increasingly skilled accessing the gems found on the inner planes.


This nonphysical level of our reality is constantly changing, just as our physical reality is.  

You already access it, perhaps without self-awareness of doing so. Having a practical tool for accessing it will accelerate your transformation in a quantum way!  

The inner planes is a very real energy field that contains things like: (1) a vast treasure of insights you need to evolve (2) ideas you have contemplated (3) breakthroughs you have had in the dream state (4) memories of other times and places (5) your ego-based conditioning that can catalyze self-sabotage and disharmony in relationships (6) reasons why certain people push your buttons (7) insights on conundrums related to work, finances, and taking steps towards goals. 

The inner planes holds essential keys for understanding current-life challenges rooted in your early life, your ancestry, and past lives. Intentionally going there with support of a map is what you need to expand your resource base. I’ve learned through years of training, practice, and application the priceless benefit of accessing the inner planes. 

Expand Your Resource Base With Me – Go Deeper With My Inner Planes Map 

Attend my “ReAnchor Yourself – Live Your Truth” Divine Changemakers Course to go deeper with yourself with my signature guided Inner Planes Process.” During Week 1 of the 4 week course – happening this week – you will receive your map along with a guided audio process to do anytime anywhere! 

Feel free to contact me for more information, and to let me know your feedback. 

Thank you for being a part of my path this lifetime, and for your ongoing support!

May love and success be yours,



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