A Message to Lightworkers + Special Offer 😃


Hello My Friend –

I send many blessings of Peace, Abundance, and Encouragement now, as the changes continue to pour in each day.

In this week’s Message, I speak for a bit (noting the Divine Chaos of the moment!).

Then the Collective speak, offering us a beautiful lift: 

See the video here

“It can be very demanding to go through all the changes you’re going through, and witness all the changes happening on your Earth, in your government, your media, your “social circles,” shall we say, to include the so-called royals in that.

They know their time is up, all of the old crowd. All of this old symbolism—it no longer serves.

What does serve—serve you and all humanity—is this beautiful realization that the New Earth is not ephemeral; it’s not just a dream.

It’s coming forward right now as quickly and fully and powerfully as possible, without these energies coming in leaving everyone incapacitated!

They’re coming in as powerfully as they can, and the changes are occurring as fast as they can, without a complete failure of all Earth systems . . .

You knew all this before incarnating. So now that you’re facing it “in reality,” as they say—in the outer world—you’re beginning to understand that the shifts you have prayed for couldn’t happen until the old structure was brought to the ground.

And we say that often, as we realize, and many are a bit tired of it, understandably!

And yet, all of you are participating in that—in the dismantling of the old structures, and the rooting and construction of the new.

So when you feel there’s not enough health, or money, or jobs that pay well, or good places to live that aren’t overpriced, or “good people to become my new partner or friend”—when you are feeling a lack, you want to rise up above, in your thinking, the Earth you have always known . . . “

Go here to read more, and join the Universal Lightstream from which all things are created — including your visions for your life, and for this Earth.

Sending much Love and Light, 

P S  People are really taking advantage of the Special Offer happening now! So I’ve extended it for a bit —


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