Towards the Equinox Point of Light


Dear Friends

September has proven to be a month of deep changes and transitions.  As I mentioned above, it is a month of moving and changing, and for me that has been a literal change of residence and a new house!  This is one of the reasons I was not able to send out my usual newsletter at the beginning of the month, as I was in the process of packing, moving and unpacking! So apologies!

We are now just 10 days out from the second point of light in the Sacred Year, the September Equinox.  This is the moment when the seasons shift from Summer to Fall in the North and from Winter to Spring in the South.  At this time the day and the night are of equal length as the Earth begins it journey into the new season and the lengthening and shortening of days as we head towards the next Solstice.  This year the Equinox is on the 23rd of September, which is also when the Sun moves into Libra.  The theme of this Equinox is Balance, symbolised by the Scales of Libra.  At this time of chaotic change, we will need to focus our intention into our Heart Center in order to stay in the Heart center of Peace and Love. I think it is so important now not to get involved in divisive and judgemental behaviour, but to stay aligned with your core New Earth values of Love, Compassion and Peace.

The Equinox ushers in the Eclipse season in late October and early November, and of course the third point of light in the Sacred Year, the Taurus Gate and the 11/11 which will be very powerful this year.

I will be starting work again on Monday 19th  September, and I will be available for Private Sessions and Mentor Sessions from the date.  You can read more here:

I would also like to mention, at this point, that in my new Mountain and Ocean Space I am being guided to create opportunities for people to come here and work with the energies of the Octopus Teachers, the Whales and Dolphins and the Elemental energies of our unique area here in Cape Town, South Africa.  I envision an initial “core group” that will come here to anchor the energies of global community.  If you are interested in being part of such a group, please let me know and I will proceed according to responses.  What I envision is a seminar/workshop that includes group work and individual exploration.

Have a wonderful Equinox and flow with the unfolding energies of the New Earth path!

with love and blessings


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