Ready to Soar?! New Soar Fest Ampin


Hello ~ 

Our new SOAR FEST begins tomorrow and WOW is the energy feeling sweet!!!

There is NOTHING I love more, than channeling a Soar Fest!

The regular experience of opening to receive the incredible love, support, guidance and playful energies of Archangel Michael, the Galactic Dragons, Mother Mary and more!

I am feeling so thankful this morning, that I get to work with such powerful, encouraging energies. For anyone new to our work, I channel the Council of Radiant Light — a collective of non-physical beings who share perspectives that support self-empowerment, understanding who we really are and finding our way to unconditional joy and creative self-expression.

The whole point of all this evolution and healing and remembering and expansion is OUR JOY!

And our unique, authentic expression.

The more each us is here, genuinely, sincerely, directly, JUST BEING WHO WE NATURALLY ARE, and opening to our own vastness, and enjoying that flow, the more our world will experience harmony, peace and unity.

The UNVEILING SOAR FEST begins tomorrow and promises incredible, multidimensional insights and revelations confirming our inner knowing of the tremendous change happening on the inner planes AND articulating with and for us, how to be here now, in a spirit of loving-kindness, openness, abundance and FREEDOM.

Full of guided inner explorations, Light-work, opportunities for Q&A and more…

I feel the ascending energy of that field of transmissions now, as I write to you!!! 
And it feels so good!

Imagine the ease of feeling the Angelic transmissions speak directly, personally and specifically, to you, to where you’re at, to what you need…

That’s what we’re offering here.
Transmissions that are given in response to the unique desires, questions, challenges and requests of those present.

What a gift this is, especially in these ongoing challenging times.
Thank you, LIFE. For taking such good care of us!

What you need, want, need input or assistance with most can be summoned and received, with ease in a shared co-creation like this!

The Divine Oneness always answers when you call.
What if you were to cultivate regular states of openness and receptivity?
Learning to allow that which you ask for to be consciously received?

Practicing this is one of the gifts of a Soar Fest!

Would you like do this? Plus lift your energy and mood?


Wishing you love, inner peace and the deepest knowing of how supported you are, and how possible it is, to be here now, feeling deeply connected, inspired, uplifted and creative.

A presence of true divine knowing.
Share your joy with the world!



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