Your Oneness has never been in doubt.

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All is well, humanity is awakening very rapidly, even though perhaps that does not seem to be the case as you see and hear all the bad news in many areas of your planet on which the MSM and the social media continuously focus their and your attention.  Place your trust where it belongs, in God, and in your own brilliant intuition where He is constantly offering you love and guidance.  You know that you need to do this, and yet you allow your egos to fill your minds with ‘what if?’ thoughts that serve only to cause you anxiety, or even fear.  You, every single sentient being, are at all times, in every moment present in the divine Presence from which it is impossible for you to be separated for even the most fleeting instant.  You are One with Source – but asleep and dreaming that you are in an unreal world of pain and suffering – and He is most gently and lovingly nudging you into wakefulness.  He will not force or coerce you to awaken because He utterly and completely honors your freedom to choose to awaken or to remain asleep.  No one can sleep forever, and as humans you are well aware of this as you awaken from your night’s sleep to experience yet another day in form as humans.  Collectively, you have chosen to awaken, and the vast majority of you are in the process of doing this.  Only a very few have chosen to remain asleep, and that choice will be honored, but that choice will not in any way hinder or delay the collective awakening.  All is indeed well.

All is indeed well!  You are the beloved children of God forever enfolded within Her most loving embrace.  An embrace that expands or contracts to allow you total –infinite – freedom of movement and expression, without ever leaving that divine embrace which is the absolute and infinite vastness that She created for you.  Within that vastness – the infinite field of loving energy within which all sentient life, consciousness, awareness exists – you constructed an imaginary or unreal environment in which you collectively chose to undergo the unreal, unimaginable, and impossible state of separation from your Mother.  Of course it never happened!  What you constructed does not and never could exist, because it is unreal.  Therefore you remain eternally safe and lovingly nurtured within Her infinitely loving and infinitely expansive divine embrace.  You are always and eternally at Home!  Therefore, fear not, ALL is abundantly well.

As you spend these last few hours – days, weeks, months, even years! – seemingly contained within the vast environment that is the universe that you constructed but a moment go, and which you have collectively chosen to dissolve as you awaken once more into the Reality from which you have never departed, relax in the knowing that all is not as it seems.  Rejoice, therefore, celebrate, and delight in the knowing deep within yourselves – where for the most part you choose not to delve for fear of disturbing or destroying the illusion of separation – that you are awakening, that your awakening is inevitable because it is already divinely accomplished.  You are just clinging to sleep like small children who do not wish to be awakened to go to school.  You are not children – although as humans in form it does appear that very few of you have managed to fully mature and become wise and loving adults – and therefore you are utterly and completely free to make your own choices about what you wish to experience in every now moment, and then to instantly change those choices if they no longer please you.


You always have been and you always will be.  So make choices that truly please you instead of ones that confuse you or fill you with fear, and know that your divine Mother is protecting you and looking out for you in every moment.  You are Safe, you are Loved, and every need you could imagine you might have has already been provided for.

As you continue to live your human lives during these last moments of the imaginary game that you have been playing, you are going to come to a very clear understanding of the purpose of those human lives.  The purpose was to experience the illusion of separation, and then, having done so, to awaken into the Reality from which you had never departed, and that is what you are now doing.  The illusion you constructed appears to be inordinately real, and the aspect of time within it seems to move extremely slowly, especially when you compare the lengths of your individual lives to the length of time it has seemingly existed.  And many of you are indeed coming to this essential realization, but feeling that your awakening is taking far too long.  It does seem, if you use your human intelligence to ruminate and deliberate about the age of the universe, and about humanity’s present severely limited state of evolution – physical, emotional, and spiritual – that the prospect of true spiritual evolution is way beyond you.  And it would be!

But, you are not human, you are divine beings in a state of very temporary confusion about the truth of who you are. Your awakening is the unavoidable realization that you do not need to evolve, because you already are perfect divine beings as created by God.  You just need to relax and allow yourselves to acknowledge that you are in every moment held in the infinitely and eternal loving embrace of our Mother, who is Father, and God, and Source, and Love, and allow yourselves to feel that, to experience that as your awareness that “I am One”awakens you into the Reality in which you have always lived.

Your Oneness has never been in doubt.  But the illusion you constructed has convinced you that you are, each and every one of you, tiny, inconsequential, and unworthy beings of whom God could not possibly be aware, let alone love with all Her Heart.  Those of you who have or have had children know the overwhelming sense of love that you have for them.  Well, it’s time for you to wake up to the realization that God’s love for you is immeasurably beyond the love you have as humans for your human children.  You are Love, you are loved, and you are waking up to full awareness of that, of your true and unchanging nature as One with Source.

With so very much love, Saul.

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