EVERYTHING is really different now.


Hello Beautiful  ~

EVERYTHING is really different now.

Can you feel it?

That something really fundamental has shifted, lifted, opened up, changed?

Take a moment and open inwardly and see. Do you feel a new state when you open energetically and in consciousness, to your own center?

The very energy of our planet has accelerated and expanded significantly.

We are ONE with the Earth, and as this has occurred, our own energy fields are lifted into Higher Light.

As we grow spiritually, we move into higher and higher states of consciousness.

I feel A VAST FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE has taken place between the Lion’s Gate and now.

In fact, I feel like ascension has happened. 😲

Ascension, which I know has been an ongoing unfolding progressive unfolding experience…

Right? But it feels to me, like it’s DONE. Accomplished.

In ways that feel completely real to me, and yet also, hard to fathom, make sense of, and especially, to articulate.

I can feel quite clearly, that there is wide open spaciousness and peace, in a way that is really different…

That there are new opportunity for liberation, healing and deepening right now, that are radically different and in a sense, already there — just needing to be claimed.

If that makes sense…

And I’m wondering…

WHAT is life like at these higher levels?

Opening to that is the focus of the UNVEILING Soar Fest & Equinox Celebration.

Are you coming?

The new Soar Fest starts in just a few days.

I wouldn’t miss this for anything. Why wait?


We’ve entered into the Great Mystery of our lifetime. 


Unprecedented, brand new territory for human experience and expression.

Coming online, now.

Curious? ME TOO!!!

Come and get the Angelic Briefing…LOL:


:: We’ll be guided and shown how to explore, align with and open to claim the new potentials available now.

Multidimensional presence is emerging.

The UNVEILING SOAR FEST & the COMPANION EQUINOX EVENT will explore this and more…

This is truly a new beginning unlike any other.

I am so thankful for our collaboration with Archangel Michael & the Council of Radiant Light.

I know we’ll be generously, joyfully and lovingly guided in making the most of this and understanding anything we need to know.

Sound good? Join us!! 
>>> Click here for all the details.



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